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Best Cameras For Blogging

Best Cameras For Blogging

Best Cameras For Blogging - Hashtag Magazine

Most blogs contain written content without any images. To connect more with the audience, it is important to use images that can be captured with the best cameras. By including some good images in the blog, you can stand out from other blogs on the internet. With the help of a camera, you can step up your game and capture high-quality photos and videos. These are some of the best cameras that are versatile with many amazing features.

  1. Fujifilm X- S10
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Fujifilm X- S10 is one of the best cameras for blogging. It has a 26 Megapixel sensor camera and it delivers impressive image quality. In this camera, you can also use film simulation profiles to get various looks and tones for the photos. Fujifilm camera comes with an in-body image stabilization to reduce camera shake when taking photos or videos. The camera supports USB Charging, and you can use the camera when it’s charging. 

Price of the camera: Rs 86,990/-

  1. Canon Powershot G7 X- Mark 2
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Canon Powershot G7X- Mark 2 is an amazing camera that comes with a 20.1 MP that takes amazing photos. The camera comes with a slim and compact body that is ideal for daily use and travel vlogging. The weight of the camera is extremely light and it comes with a 3-inch touchscreen that can be flipped up to 180 degrees and down to 45 degrees. It has built-in Wi-Fi with NC Support remote control. 

Price of the camera: Rs 1,02,453/-

  1. Canon 80D
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Canon 80D is a mid-range SLR camera with amazing features. The camera comes with compatibility features with Canon EFS and EF lenses. Canon 80D has amazing features like 7 fps continuous shooting, a 45-point autofocus system, and Speedlite flashes. It comes with a 24 MP image sensor and built-in Wi-Fi that syncs with the flash. You can also use Eos utility webcam beta software to turn your compatible camera into a high-quality webcam. 

Price of the camera: Rs 90,495 to 1,04000/-

  1. Sony Alpha ILCE 6000y
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If you are a beginner, then Sony Alpha ILCE 6000y is the best camera for you. It has a 24.3 MP Exmor HD CMOS sensor camera with 11 fps continuous shooting and 1080p FHD Video recording. It has amazing AF and face tracking ability with which you can take amazing pictures and videos. 

Price of the camera: Rs 53,990/-

  1. Nikon D850
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Nikon D850 is a versatile DSLR Camera and it is suitable for professional photographers and experts. It comes with a 45.7 MP lens with a video resolution of 2160 pixels. It has a tilting touch LCD Screen and dual card slots with 4K full-frame video. With this camera, you can shoot up to 9 fps continuously, and it can tolerate light in bright conditions. 

Price of the camera: Rs 2,71,900/-

  1. Go-Pro Hero 9
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Go-Pro Hero 9 is one of the best vlogging cameras that is suitable for travel enthusiasts. With this camera, you can shoot amazing videos and it comes with a waterproof feature. Go-Pro Hero 9 is easy to use and easy to carry. It has a 23.6 MP Camera sensor with a 1.4-inch front-facing display. It comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features with app connectivity. You can also shoot night lapse video and use it for live stream in 1080p.

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Price of the camera: Rs 36,990/-

  1. Sony A6000
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Sony A6000 is a compact camera that comes in half the size of a typical DSLR camera. It is equipped with 24.3 MP which captures beautiful pictures. With this camera, you can capture 11 fps in continuous shooting mode. It has an image sensor that captures minute details and enhances the larger details as well. You can select various shooting modes which are suitable for various purposes.

Price of the camera; Rs 48,990- 61,490/-


These are the best cameras that can be used for blogging and other purposes as well. You can buy the camera based on its performance, features, and also which suits your budget and shooting habits. 


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