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Best Fitness Trackers

Best Fitness Trackers

Best Fitness Trackers - Hashtag Magazine

Over the past few years, people have been prioritizing their health, and are trying to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness trackers can be immensely helpful to monitor your regular sleep, and daily step counts and get insight into your overall health. They also help you get more active, track your daily progress, and guide you on how you can improve and be better. Whatever your health goals are, fitness trackers are the best solution for you. 

1)Fitbit Charge 5

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The Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Health and Fitness tracker comes with a built in-GPS, Stress Manager, Sleep Monitor, 24/7 Heart Monitoring, Oxygen Saturation, and more. There are 20 exercise modes in this tracker that will help keep your pace and maintain your heart rate zone. The Fitbit charge is waterproof, and a single charge gives you 7 days of nonstop tracking of your moves.

Price: Rs 12,499/-

2)Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Activity Tracker

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Fastrack Reflex 3.0 is an ideal tracker to gift for a birthday. With 10 days of battery life, Fastrack has 24 hours of real-time HR monitoring, Sleep Tracker, and Camera Control. There are 10 sports modes designed for various aspects like Outdoor Walk, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Hiking, Rowing, Yoga, and other training modes. 

Price: Rs 1,797/-

3)Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the best fitness trackers for us and it is only compatible with Android Smartphones. With enhanced fitness tracking, body composition analysis, optical heart rate sensor, advanced sleep analysis, and 90+ workouts, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 stands out as one of the best fitness trackers. 

You can also access your favourite apps from your wrist, and the watch is designed to assist you in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Price: Rs 13,999/-

4)Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band comes with AMOLED Touch Screen with crisp graphics. The features of Xiaomi Smart band 6 include a SpO2 sensor, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, and 30 different activities. The smart band is water resistant; you can go swimming or shower after an intense workout. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is compatible with any smartphone. 

Price: Rs 3,499/-

5)OnePlus Smart band

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OnePlus Smart Band comes with 13 exercise modes, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Heart rate, and sleep tracking. The Smart band is compatible with Android & iOS. The other amazing features of the smart band are Water resistance, managing music, camera shutter controls, and call-message notifications. With the help of the OnePlus health app, you can analyse health data, and get insights into your health. The battery lasts up to 14 days. 

Price: Rs 1,599/-

6)Mi Smart Band 5

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Mi Smart Band 5 comes with a full-touch AMOLED colour display and runs up to 14 days on a single charge. With PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) you can track all your fitness-related activities. Mi Smart Band 5 has many amazing features like 11 professional sports modes, 5 ATM Water-resistant modes, stress monitoring, sleep monitoring, heart rate, and women’s health tracking. 

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Price: Rs 2,370/-

7)Oppo Smart Watch

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Oppo Health and Fitness Smartwatch are one of the best smartwatches which come with a heart rate monitor, exercise tracking, and in-built GPS. With up to 21 days of battery life, it supports Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with all smartphones. You can track your runs, swims, bike ride walks, and several other activities with five large exercise sensors which are on the back of the watch. 

Price: Rs 14,999/-

8)Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch


Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch is an amazing fitness tracker with built-in Alexa. It has excellent tools for heart health, stress management, and skin temperature. The smartwatch alerts you whenever your heart rate goes above or below average. The battery lasts up to 6 days and fast charging completes in just 12 minutes, although it might vary on other factors. 

You can also use built-in GPS during runs, and bike rides, and control your smart home devices. With the help of Google Assistant, and Alexa you can set bedtime reminders, and alarms, and get quick news as well. 

Price: Rs 21,458/-

Conclusion: These are some of the best fitness trackers or smart watches with amazing built-in features which will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Before you buy any fitness tracker, make sure that you check the design and comfort which is suitable for you. 


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