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Common household items as plant fertilizers.

Common household items as plant fertilizers.

Common household items as plant fertilizers - Hashtag Magazine

Although growing plants in your backyard brings a lot of pleasure and joy, it is also important to maintain the growth of the plants. Fertilizers are important for the growth of the plant, as well as providing the nutrients required for the soil. The plant’s soil may get depleted of its energy. These are some of the common household items with which you can get greener and healthier plants.

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Here are some natural household items that you can use in your garden.

1. Coffee(or)Tea Grounds

Coffee or tea grounds are the most common household items which can be used in the garden. Coffee grounds contain some wonderful nutrients which are required for plant growth and they attract worms as well. Recycle your coffee grounds and you can either sprinkle them on the soil or you can soak up the grounds for a week and use it for watering your plants.

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2. Eggshells

Eggshells are one of the best garden fertilizers. Eggshells come with excellent nutrients like calcium, sources of selenium, and nitrogen which are beneficial for plant growth. You can just toss the eggshells directly into the soil. For better and faster results try to crush the shells more so that they will get into the soil quickly.

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3. Banana Peels

Bananas are healthy fruits with nutrients beneficial for us. But the banana peels are healthy food for the plants. Banana peels contain good potassium levels which are wonderfully suitable for the plant’s growth. All you have to do is simply bury these peels by digging up a small hole in the pot. You can also blend the peels with other vegetable scraps to get more benefits.

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4. Grass Clippings

If you have a natural lawn in your backyard then make sure that you collect the grass clippings regularly. Because they are very rich in nitrogen and potassium content which is highly essential for the plants. The idea of using grass clippings as fertilizers has been used by farmers for centuries. The method is simple: just soak the grass clipping in 1/3rd bucket of water and mix them daily. Use it to water your plants about 2 or 3 times a week.

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5. Wood Ash

Wood Ash and Charcoal Ash are excellent materials that can be used as fertilizers. They have potassium content which is mainly useful for plant growth. Remember that you have to use untreated hardwood ashes and use them accordingly. Too much hardwood ash can disturb the pH levels of the soil and bring disastrous results in the growth.

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6. Manure

Manure is a natural and wonderful fertilizer that is very beneficial for plants. Manure comes from various sources like cows, buffaloes, and horses. Manures are high in nitrogen and other nutrients which are essential for plant growth. Raw manure is highly acidic, it can cause dangerous effects on the plants. So it is better to use composted manure to improve soil water retention.

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7. Tree Leaves

It is common to throw away fallen leaves. Instead, collect them and use them as a fertilizer for your plants. Leaves are rich in nitrogen and trace minerals which attract earthworms. You can mulch the plants with the leaves or you can crush the leaves and spread them across the soil.

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8. Potato Water

Whenever you boil potatoes in water, don’t throw the water away because potato water has good ingredients which can help in promoting the plant’s growth. Potatoes contain minerals and nutrients which are used by plants to develop immunity levels to environmental stress.

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9. Coconut

Coconuts have great ingredients which can become a wonderful fertilizer for the plants. Create a mixture of coconut and add it to the water. Pour the water weekly twice or thrice over the soil which will help your plants to flourish more.

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10. Matches

Matches are excellent sources of magnesium which is a healthy source for plants. Just break the matches and toss them in the soil or you can soak them in the water and use it as a fertilizer. What happens here is the magnesium will dissolve into the soil and helps the plants to grow healthier and greener.

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Conclusion – These are some of the best common household items which act as wonderful fertilizers. All these fertilizers are natural and they are far better than chemical fertilizers. You can also use aquarium water, fish scraps, raw honey, and kitchen and vegetable scraps.


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