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Fashion DOs and DONTs in 2022

Fashion DOs and DONTs in 2022

Fashion DOs and DONTs in 2022 Hashtag Magazine -

Fashion is most definitely tricky, but what’s amusing is that even an expected trend can result in a disastrous outcome. One moment an outfit is trending all over magazine covers, and selling like hotcakes, the next moment, it is being mocked on fashion websites, that’s how quickly fashion changes. Buzzworthy pieces get ridiculed like a piece of rag in no time.

We are halfway through 2022 and somewhere in between at-home lounging robes and in-toto party zone. While struggling with new variants of COVID-19, let’s not ruin our year and make it any less voguish. Refresh your wardrobe with these latest trends. It’s never too late to imbibe these fashion trends in 2022.

Fashion DOs and DONTs bet you didn’t know!

DO: Oversized Clothing

Voluminous is in vogue! It’s time to ditch the tailored garment and go big. Ever since Rihanna and Hailey Bieber were spotted wearing colossal clothing, there is no looking back. The who’s who of the fashion realm is flaunting oversized t-shirts or bomber jackets. We are not asking you to slip into frumpy outfits, one size up is trendy.

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DON’T: Bell Sleeves

Turn up the volume, but at the right places. We call them the leg-of-mutton sleeves. Don’t let them in your wardrobe anymore! The 70s-inspired sleeves returned with a bang last year, and everyone was drooling over them. But 2022 says a big NO for puff/bell sleeves!

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DO: Monochrome

When in doubt, monochrome will be your saviour! Go bold, go neutral, however you like it. Uni-colours is trending, whether it’s an all-white or barbie pink, wear the same colour head-to-toe and you will be looking like a fashionista.

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DON’T: Prints

Ditch the prints, that style is last season! Sorry to say, but that frilly dress with an edgy print is a fashion faux pas! Have fun with colours, but don’t go overboard on prints, although small prints won’t hurt!

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DO: Shimmer

Shimmer, sparkles, and sequins are not just meant for Christmas and New Year’s, they delve into every occasion. A sparkly dress with mismatched shoes will only make you look sassy.

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DON’T: Super tall heels

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You can look ultra-glamorous even without high heels. Wearing anything uncomfortable is monstrous. Embrace your style to feel homely and comfortable. Don’t dress just to impress, a woman is sexier when she’s in her comfort zone.

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DO: Windbreaker pants

The last time windbreaker pants made waves was when Isabel Marant released a luxurious collection with some free-spirited colour blocking. The semi-reflective pants are not just running pants but a street-style subculture. All eyes are on the windbreaker pants, they are already the biggest trend. A little bit of tweaking and accessories is enough for you to rock this look.

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DON’T: Skinny jeans

To most, this might come as a shocker, but skinny jeans have made it to this list. It’s going to be hard, but it’s time to say goodbye to the chic skinny jeans you were so in love with. Leave them behind in 2021, it’s time for a new Instagram pant fad.

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One Last Thought:

Although it is difficult to keep up with trends and shopping out of desperation will only result in overspending and poor decisions. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind, while trying to build your wardrobe this season!


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