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Festive Fashion Guide: Expert Designers share their top picks

Festive Fashion Guide: Expert Designers share their top picks

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This festive season, Hashtag Magazine gives you expert designers who are here to inspire your festive fashion choices this festive season. Whether you’re inclined towards the timeless elegance of saris or the grace of traditional lehengas, let their expert advice guide you in crafting your perfect festive look…

Go Fusion

Who: Anmol Kakad

Anmol Kakad is a visionary designer on a mission to make fashion accessible to everyone. She firmly believes that #sexyisnotasize, and this ethos is beautifully reflected in her exquisite pret wear. Anmol Kakad has gained recognition for her timeless designs, characterized by their graceful silhouettes, neutral colour palettes, graceful drapery, and delicate fabrics.

Festive Season’s Must-Have:

Kafilla is perfectly suited for the festive season. This ensemble boasts a fusion style, featuring a flowing Georgette cape paired with an embellished bustier and Turkish pants. It’s a combination that exudes lightness, elegance, and exceptional comfort. The colour palette showcases deep shades of mustard and olives, balancing warmth and charm. Elevate this outfit’s charm with statement jewellery and accessories in contrasting tones.

Comfortable in a versatile suit

Who: Pooja and Rachna Khanna

Pooja and Rachna Khanna are the founders of Inching India, which was born from a profound sense of responsibility during the pandemic when the co-founders felt a duty to support the livelihoods of their exceptionally skilled artisans. They aim to champion and showcase the remarkable craftsmanship of Indian artisans through clothing that resonates with today’s contemporary women.

Pooja and Rachna Khanna -

Festive Season’s Must-Have: The timeless suit, known for its comfort and versatility, takes centre stage. Crafted from comfortable fabric and adorned with festive colours, it seamlessly blends the best of traditional and modern styles. This ensemble perfectly balances style and practicality, making it an easy choice for all festive endeavours.

Elevate your suit’s allure by incorporating bold accessories, lustrous pearls, and a chic handbag.

Timeless in a Banarasi drape

Who: Sagrika Rai

Her brand, Warp ‘n Weft, is known for itsexquisite Banarasi collection. Hailing from the ancient city of Varanasi, Sagrika Rai understood the importance of authenticity in the world of Banarasi drapes. Her team works tirelessly with skilled artisans to recreate these time-honoured designs in various textiles, including silk, muslin, and pure chiffon.

Sagrika Rai Warp n Weft -

Festive Season’s Must-Have: This Gajraj heritage lehenga pays homage to the majestic elephant in the grandeur of royal Banarasi craftsmanship. Perfect for grand festive occasions, it effortlessly transports you to a realm where elephants and maharajahs reign supreme. Exuding an aura of celebration, it is paired with a silk blouse adorned with intricate minakari zari floral butis. Simply add a vibrant contrasting dupatta to add a bold contrast.

Adorn yourself in a Lehenga!

Who: Shivani Nirupam
Shivani Nirupam is synonymous with fresh and vibrant prints that harmonize with Mumbai’s culture and captivating tales. She has committed herself to slow fashion principles in all of her collections. She also believes in crafting timeless collections featuring a rich array of whimsical prints translated onto bold, striking silhouettes.

Shivani NIrupam -

Festive Season’s Must-Have: In the festive season’s crescendo, there’s no safer bet than adorning yourself in a Lehenga set. It’s a trendsetter and imparts a divine aura to your appearance. This print presents the ‘Yellow Hibiscus’ from the ‘Bambai Ki Baarish‘ collection, paying homage to Lord Ganesha’s beloved Hibiscus flower. Utilize the detachable choker to accentuate the dupatta.

New twist in a dhoti bodycon

Who: Ashwin Agarwal

Ashwin is a design connoisseur from Kolkata, West Bengal. Under his creative guidance, Eeksha takes inspiration from the culturally rich city of Kolkata and comes off as a unique brand that combines traditional fabrics, craftsmanship, and contemporary designs infused with a touch of whimsy and romance.

2Q8A9837 B -

Festive season’s must have:

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You cannot go wrong with the three-piece set of dhoti bodysuits with a short cape. Made with intricate zardozi embroidery techniques and 3D effect flowers, the cape is paired with lustrous drapey foil fabric. The draped skirt is embellished with crystal fringes and feathers. The bodycon embellished with vintage stonework is ideal for any occasion. You can dress it up or down, an easy, breezy, comfortable look that is perfect to carry for any event.

The sari saga

Who: Sumeer Kaur

With beauty and heritage at the core, Lashkaraa was launched by Sumeer Kaur, who noticed the limited and outdated Indian wear options available for the American locals. Founded in 2014, the brand is known for manufacturing Indian ethnic and wedding attire.

Sumeer Kaur Founder Lashkaraa -

Festive season’s must have:

The pink saree has breezy and airy fabrics, ensuring you remain comfortable while radiating elegance. The saree includes a delightful array of floral prints and exquisite designs. Its vibrant hues and intricate detailing effortlessly encapsulate the festival’s spirit. Whether attending morning rituals or evening celebrations, a saree offers the perfect attire for every occasion. 

Floral printed saree -

Go traditional

Who: Shreya and Axi Patel

From a hobby to a successful venture, Raas is the brainchild of Shreya Patel, who started her journey in the fashion industry with the noble objective of positively impacting the lives of her employees and skilled

Indian artisans. In collaboration with her daughter, Axi Patel, she has brought timeless South Asian clothing to the global market.

Festive season’s must have:

This vibrant attire is a versatile choice that effortlessly suits any event throughout the festive season. Its adaptability allows for easy day-to-night styling, making it the perfect selection for various occasions. The vivid colours incorporated into this outfit add a delightful pop, further enhancing its appeal.


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