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Krishna Shroff- “Whoever you are with in life

Krishna Shroff- “Whoever you are with in life

Krishna Shroff- “Whoever you are with in life

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled ride as Krishna Shroff makes her TV debut in Khatron Ke Khiladi 14! From her passion for sports to a surprising turn toward the silver screen, join Lipika Varma for an exclusive chat diving into Krishna’s journey.

Krishna Shroff – Exclusive Interview with Hashtag magazine


On participating in Khatron Ke Khiladi 14-

I am very excited to participate in Khatron Ke Khiladi 14; it is a massive opportunity for me. I am most excited to be in this new environment. It’s not just new for me but for the show as well. It’s my first time in Romania. I hear the women are beautiful. I am also keen for people to know me for who I am through this journey. There is so little you can show on Instagram. I am looking forward to connecting with a wider audience.

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Will we see you on the big screen?

Looking at acting as a goal, I do not think it goes hand in hand. An actor has their strength. I have always been comfortable with my personality and who I am, so I guess I am very relaxed. You could see me a lot in that space as I become myself. You may not see me on the big screen, but – never say never. Working in front of the cameras- I will not do anything for the heck of it. I must be very secure and confident. I am very competitive; I want to give my 100% if I agree to do something. I would love to do it, and that will push me to do it.

On inheriting qualities of dad-

Two days ago, we showed a promo for KKK14, and apparently, I, an actor, am on another level. My dad is a legend. In the industry, everyone loves him; he is effortless.

Spending leisure time-

I like to be more active in general. I always loved attending school as I always loved playing sports. I am very social and love being around and hosting my friends. I like to have a balanced lifestyle. Everyone looks at me as a fitness freak, but I have my leisure time. I enjoy going out on the weekends, letting loose, and enjoying a simple lifestyle. After returning from a fun weekend, I go back to my routine life. Having that break away from routine, you come back, rejuvenating your energies in place and more vital.

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Work is a pleasure for you-

Work is a pleasure for me. Not many people can say that we are doing what we love to do.

All work and no play make Krishna a dull girl, maybe? No special friend-

I am an open book with nothing to hide. I do not shy away from reality; whatever you see on Instagram – I am exactly that. Whoever you are with or whatever you do, own and be proud of it. I have been in a long-term relationship. It has been four years since we were together. His name is Azim. We are both like-minded. He is a professional athlete. We gel well. He motivates me and really pushes me. If you dare the profession of an athlete, you really must keep up. He is a professional fighter-mixed martial artist. He is in the right shape. He has to maintain it. But he is very inspiring.

How do you safeguard your physical personality?

This is a very challenging sport because there is fear, but it’s like any other sport with rules and regulations. Athletes are trained to do what they do. Special credit goes to these human beings. I have immense respect for their life and them. To reach that level of Athleticism, as a sportsman, it must be your everything. For him [Azim], there is no balance. But I am not a professional artist, so I have that leisure balance. He eats, sleeps, and trains.

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Quick takes-

One important difference between sports and films-

Sport is very unpredictable. While working on screen, you come on screen with a character who you want to be, and you can do that.

On her personal status and marriage-

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We are not in any rush to tie the knot; we are very happy where we are presently and do not wish to put pressure on anything.

Tiger Shroff’s [brother] progress—

I am very proud of him. He has been my inspiration; I am blessed to have that company around me. He is very disciplined and keeps a check on me. With him around, I always try to do everything better. At least I try to keep up.

The powerhouse, Shroff family-

My family is of different personalities. I feel each one is a powerhouse. And I am part of that-

Dad-Jackie Shroff, in one word, is effortless.

Mom—She is the binding force that keeps all of us together. I feel that without her, the three of us would be entirely lost. She is the binding force for us.

Tiger– unique, one of a kind. This world needs more people like him. He does not have a bad bone in his body; he is the nicest human being, the kindest heart, and the kindest person.

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Put In a box-

Jackie Shroff has approached the court to secure his Tag, “Bhidu.” I think it has been blown out of proportion. I think my dad will agree as well. It is a free world, and everyone can do what they want and say whatever they wish. Whether we say it or not, everyone knows who the OG “Bhidu” is.


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