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7 Different Types Of Lips And What Your Lip Shape Says About You

7 Different Types Of Lips And What Your Lip Shape Says About You


Our features say a lot about our personality.Our lips may be one of our most distinctive facial features and they silently speak tons about our character. Lips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and according to facial scientists, they are amongst the major traits that characterise the human persona. Aside from the ability to make a variety of gestures, bearing distinct types of lips indicates certain underlying personality characteristics and cognitive quirks. Lipsology is primarily concerned with the size, structure, sharpness of the cupid’s bow, and puffiness of the lip. Mahati Salike tells us what the six most popular types of lip shapes say about the person.

7 Different Types of Lip Shapes

Each of us has a distinctive facial structure and set of characteristics. When it comes to aesthetics, the most discussed area on the human body is the lips. Similar to how eyes are thought to be the windows to our soul, our lips speak volumes concerning our personality. 

The different types of lips are as follows:

1. Fuller Lips:

Fuller Lips Shape

Naturally plum lips are perhaps the most desirable lip form amongst the other lip shapes. Both the top and bottom of such lips are organically and uniformly full. They generally describe a person who is exceptionally compassionate and has excellent parenting skills. 

Individuals with these lips are often unselfish and compassionate. They like protecting and safeguarding others around them. Their social network is frequently short and cramped, and they carefully select their acquaintances and connections. Beyond everything, they place a high emphasis on their connections and friendships.

Makeup Tips:

Even while most individuals find large lips to be highly appealing, you may not want to focus on one particular attractiveness trait on the face. A few tips that help highlight an attractive pout are as follows –

  • Use neutral lip colours that integrate well with your skin tone.
  • Employ a lot of eye makeup to draw attention to the eyes.
  • Illuminating the cheekbones may also call focus to them and make the face appear more symmetrical.

2.  Wide Lips:

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These kinds of lips suggest that an individual is extremely accommodating. These lips are often extended on the edges and bigger than the rest of the face. They often characterize the breadth of the mouth and might make it appear extended and broadened. 

Persons with big lips are often outgoing and pleasant. They are both strong leaders and high achievers. Such individuals are frequently known to appreciate the variety and to value others who hold different intellectual opinions than them. They are nonconformists who have no problem finding new mates.

Makeup Tips:

To give your wide lips an attractive aesthetic, the given make-up tips work as a game-changer.

  • Lip overlining might assist in making your lips look larger and more uniform. It will reduce its breadth.
  • Overlining the bottom lip may also make the lips appear fuller.
  • Dabbling with a lighter or neutral hue can also help to divert attention away from the lips.
  • You might even go the traditional route of emphasising various facial characteristics to redirect focus away from the pout and toward the rest of the face.

3.  Round Lips:

Round Lip Shape

Round lips imply a dynamic and daring personality. Individuals with this kind of lips are typically self-assured and daring. They can be strong-willed to the brink of becoming reckless and should think twice before leaping, particularly when it pertains to professional prospects.

Makeup Tips: 

  • Using a liner, extend your lip line at the corners whilst bringing it down in the middle. This will increase the curve of the lips considerably. Finally, complete it with the preferred hue.
  • Over your lips, dark colours may draw attention to other facial features.

4.  HeartShaped Lips:

Heart Shaped Lips

This one is distinct among all the numerous varieties of lips. Such types of lips have slanted corners, indicating a pleasant individual. Individuals with these lips are self-confident and potent. They are often more impassioned, smart, and elegant than most individuals. 

Persons having arc-shaped lips are ingenious, inventive, and have a high energy level. These people are indeed optimistic and full of vitality. They are also extroverted, joyful, and very gregarious.

Makeup Tips:

  • Employ the same lip colour to both lips and highlight the cupid’s bow with a white liner in the centre.
  • One can also add a velvety nude tint to enhance the lips to appear larger.

5.  Thin Lips:

Thin Shaped Lips

Thin lips are amongst the several forms of lips, and the overall lip curve may be a little extended. These lips are a little compressed, but it is normally in touch with most of the features. 

Lips with this shape appear stylised and stiff. People with thin lips are conserving and have a great deal of resolve. They are susceptible to many issues, yet they deal with them flawlessly. 

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According to research, persons with these sorts of lips aren’t shy, but rather alienated. They have an aloof disposition and a strong sense of self-sufficiency. They are not frightened of being lonely and can function well on their own. They like being self-sufficient.

Makeup Tips:

  • For a deeper effect, go quite crazy with the lip liner and smear the corners across the natural lip creases.
  • To achieve the look, apply either a matte or glossy lip colour.
  • You may also use a softer tint on your bottom lip to create the illusion of fluffiness.
  • Additionally, a dab of lip gloss in the middle of each lip can help them feel larger.
  • Apply brownish eyeliner under your lower lip to produce a subtle shadow appearance. It’ll also keep your lips looking fuller.

6.  Thick Lips:

Thick Shaped Lip

This kind of lips suggests that an individual is particularly sympathetic. Thick lips ostensibly make the mouth appear massive and stick out from the remaining portion of the face’s traits. People with this lip form have a positive effect on compassion. 

In addition to this trait, the individual with this type of lips is often quite guarded in nature. They are either inherently familial, or they have an instinctive tenderness. They are also extremely self-assured and aesthetically appealing. Thick lips are thought to be extremely appealing and lovely. Individuals with these lips have a strong attractiveness factor.

Makeup Tips:

  • Try out the nude lipstick shades.
  • To deflect attention from the excessively large lip thickness, use a thick smoky eye or an emphasised temple area for face makeup.

7.  Top Heavier Lips:

Heavier Lips Shape

If you have thicker upper lips and a less noticeable cupid’s arch, your lips fall into this group. It’s a popular lip shape amongst Indian ladies.

Makeup Tips: 

  • You may use a lip pencil to draw a line around the border of the lips, matching their roundness. You may also try lining the lips with a brush and lipstick.
  • Wear a dark lip colour to the top lip to make it look small, and a warmer hue to the bottom lip. This should give your lips a more uniform appearance.
  • If you don’t want to use various lipstick tones, you may make your bottom lip appear larger by drawing a circle with a white liner in the centre of it.
  • You may also use a pencil to expand the contour of the lower lip. This would give the lips a larger and much smoother appearance.

How To Care For Your Lips

Being the most vivacious and charming part of the human body, care must be taken to keep our lips in their best state. Here are a few tips that help you keep your lips attractive and supple.

  • Regular Exfoliation is Essential: Lips, akin to skin, shed dead cells, which can cause them to seem drab and chapped. Consistently use a lip balm prior to going to bed to retain nourished lips. In the mornings, you could also use your brush to delicately scrub the dry flakes from your lips.  
  • Drink Water: If you don’t drink adequate water, your lips will get chapped and sensitive. Your lips, like the skin, require moisture. Drinking at least 2-3 litres of water per day is recommended by professionals.
  • Apply Vitamin E: Vitamin E is necessary for maintaining perfect skin and lips. Vitamin E hydrates the face, minimises scars and folds, and gives the lips a full and vibrant appearance. Vitamin E supplements can be used by ripping them open and pressing the substance onto the lips.
  • Avoid Spending Time Exposed Under The Sun: Your lips have minimal melanin, the substance that shields our skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. To protect your lips from harmful UV rays, use a lip balm with a strong SPF.
  • Be Wary Of What You Apply On Your Lips: Lip skin seems to be more flimsy and tender than the rest of the face’s skin. As a result, you should be cautious while applying cosmetics to your lips.

While keeping in mind these few care recommendations, it is important to take pithy precautions that keep your lips elegant for a long time. Lips may reveal a lot of interesting things about you and can show a clear relationship between your character and your features. Be mindful of what you do to them!


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