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12 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

12 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

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Dogs mostly stick in the packs. They aren’t lonely animals. They make a group for themselves and they remain very loyal to that group. If, however, you separate them from that group and give them shelter and food, they make you their family. They guard you even when you are asleep. Companionship, friendship, and loyalty are inbuilt in them. From a costly breed dog to a street dog, you will find these three qualities in them. Here are some of our favourite, most loyal dog breeds.

12 Most Loyal And Protective Dog Breeds

1) German Shepherd

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German shepherds are one of the most loyal dogs out there. When you get a German shepherd remember that they are very active dogs. You just can’t make them sit in a corner every day. If you are doing that, you are torturing them. Most police dogs are German shepherds. They are ferocious, fast and flexible.

2) Golden Retrievers

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Golden retrievers are very friendly and family loving dogs. They are very active and intelligent dogs. They know their boundaries perfectly. It is important that you train your golden retriever because they are very protective dogs and if any unknown person comes to your house, they might attack them. It is important to train them to be friendly. Golden retrievers play a lot, no matter how big they grow up. They always need their toys, scratches and extreme love from their owner.

3) Akita

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You might have heard the story about Hachiko the dog. Every time we read the story or see the movie, tears are bound to come out. Akita is a breed of Japanese origin. They are very cute, with nice fur coating and innocent eyes who can steal hearts just like that. Akita dogs are family dogs and they become our best friends in a very short period. Akitas are extremely loyal and they love to spend time with their owner. 

4) Labrador

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Labradors are one of the most loyal and smartest dogs. Most people believe that labradors are fat dogs and extremely lazy. Labradors are actually very smart dogs. Those innocent eyes can make your day in an instant. They love going out and playing in the park and meeting other people. Labradors are considered as one of the best guard dogs out there. They aren’t afraid of anything.

5) Newfoundland

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Newfoundlands are a new dog breed. Most of us aren’t very familiar with these breeds. Newfoundlands are giant dogs. They grow up big in a very short period. Under that giant body, there is a tender heart. Newfoundlands are mostly suited for cold regions and they are very naughty dogs but also very loyal and protective of their family. If any stranger enters into their territory they consider it as danger.

6) Saint Bernard

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Another category of giant dogs is St. Bernard. They look like teddy bears. The only problem with St. Bernard is that they droll a lot at a young age. Apart from that, St. Bernards love to be around family, always. Even though they aren’t much for going out, they remain very close to their family. They are sensitive dogs and they should be treated with utmost care. They aren’t known for hard training. You should keep young children away from them, purely due to how huge the breed grows to be. It’s not that they are dangerous.Your St. Bernard will love everybody in the family. 

7) Rottweiler

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Rottweilers are very fast dogs. When they are puppies, they are very cute and naughty. As they grow up they become strong and fast. You should take the responsibility to train them regularly because Rottweilers are aggressive dogs and very protective of their families. They are like soldiers. If any danger comes to you, they stand in front to fight the battle. That’s how loyal they are.

8) Boxer

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The name itself says that boxer breeds are fighter dogs. Just like the Rottweiler, they should be trained right from a young age. These dogs are perfectly suitable for high training works. They have immense strength and if you as its owner aren’t strong enough they can pull you away like nothing. So, it is important that when you get a boxer, you train them from a young age. Boxers are very loyal to their owners and family.

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9) Beagles

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If you are looking for a perfect family dog, then beagles are the perfect choice for you. Beagles are active dogs and they love to play always. They are friendly with strangers and completely extroverted dogs. All you have to do is take care of their health because they love to explore a lot.

10) Chihuahua

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Chihuahua is a short breed of dog and they are very loyal to their families. Sometimes they can be a bit rude to strangers. Once they become familiar, they are very good dogs. Chihuahuas have their way of doing things. They can play with themselves, and they love to be at home with family. 

11) Dachshund

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Dachshunds look like walking hot dogs on the road. They are short breed dogs with very short legs. They are very calm and composed and it would be very rare to see a dachshund barking at someone. They are very friendly dogs and innocent. Just like Chihuahuas, they stick with family every time and they don’t like to be left alone. 

12) Great Pyrenees

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Last but not least, the Great Pyrenees are excellent guard dogs. They are covered in beautiful fur and they are naturally very friendly dogs. Even though they look big, they have very caring hearts. They love to play with their owners. Great Pyrenees are very protective if you have a child at home. You can happily allow these dogs to be around because they are very good with children and they take care of them wonderfully.

These are our favourite, most loyal dog breeds. It is not that other dogs aren’t loyal. Every dog is loyal and we love them. Some tips: whenever you see a dog on the road, feed them with biscuits and they will dedicate their lives to you. Do not hit street dogs with stones and sticks. Dogs truly are man’s best friend! 


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