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Luck plays a vital role in any achievement in addition to persistence and manifestation. But, if your hard work and determination are not gaining an identity, then there could be something wrong. Ever heard about a bamboo plant that brings you luck? Well, here are a few interesting facts you must learn on how a lucky bamboo plant can bring you luck!

An in-house plant that grows, in indirect sunlight, the lucky bamboo plant is a sucker for positive energy and tranquillity. It is the variant of a tropical water lily titled the ‘Dracaena Sanderiana’, which is always misguided as an actual bamboo. The lucky bamboo plant is a traditional Feng Shui treatment that is claimed to encourage great fortune and abundance to the site in which it is cultivated.

Facts on Lucky Bamboo you must know:

Are you planning on presenting your loved ones a lucky bamboo plant, and then here is how the number of stalks conveys your intentions behind the present. 

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  • One Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant: Kindled to promote truth and commitment, a one stalk lucky bamboo is not very popular. If you desire the truth to triumph, you should carry this single stalk of bamboo to your home right now.
  • Two Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant: According to Chinese beliefs, the number two is a lucky charm. They believe that everything wonderful in life comes in two. These two stalks of fortunate bamboo are usually given to partners or as a wedding present to newlyweds. Ergo, in larger perspectives, number 2 scintillates love. 
  • 3 Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant: The primary assumption is that the number three denotes happiness. A bamboo plant with three stalks represents a new beginning. So, whether you’re searching for a House warming present or a New Year’s gift, this 3 stalks combination of the bamboo plant is the right choice.
  • 4 Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant: According to Chinese traditions, four foreshadows death or a terrible portent. This number is frequently omitted from the series of numerals in most high-rise structures. Indubitably, a bamboo plant with four stalks is harmful to one’s accomplishment and happiness, which is why you rarely find any bamboo plants with four stalks in them.
  • 5 Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant: Nature is a consolidation of 5 elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Wood. When all 5 of such elements are in agreement with one another, contentment, success, wellness, money, as well as every other aspect of life will emerge. As a result, 5 stalks of fortunate bamboo symbolise stability, serenity, peace, and power. You should have a 5 stalks bamboo plant at your house and workplace if you aspire to be productive and happy, as doing so will assist you in reaching all of your goals with positive vibes.
  • 6 Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant: Number 6 resembles blessings and prosperity. This number is symbolic of bolstering luck as per the Chinese beliefs and traditions. Certainly, a 6 stalk bamboo plant would indeed be beneficial in attracting greater happiness and contentment, a fortune in economic or professional endeavours, and serenity at home.
  • 7 Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant:  The positioning of 7 bamboo stalks might increase emotional intimacy in any relationship. 7 stalks represent unity. So, if you wish to flourish in collaboration or a collective initiative, bring a 7-stemmed fortunate bamboo plant. It is also believed that everything in the world revolves around the number 7 – the days in a week, colours in a rainbow, wonders in the world and lastly, the continents.
  • 8 Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant: The number eight represents immense prosperity and bliss. In China, the concept is so strong that often most company entities desire to include the number 8 in their locations, contact information, facility floor numbers, or even company names. Possessing 8 stalks of the lucky bamboo plant can indeed offer you enormous riches, happiness, and success in life.
  • 9 Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant: Reiterated as the ‘God’s Number’, A 9 stalk lucky bamboo may play an important part in delivering great fortune in all aspects of life.
  • 21 Stalk Lucky Bamboo Plant: This denotes wellness, money, joy, relationships, affluence, and prosperity, and it signifies peace and victory in these areas.

Care and Maintenance Tips:

  • Size of the container: Select a jar with at least one inch of land together around the plant such that the roots may expand.
  • Keep the plant in strong, yet oblique lighting. This plant may scorch if exposed to direct sunlight. You might have to spin the plant regularly to ensure that almost all edges are given proper light.
  • Maintain a maximum temperature of 65°F to 90°F for the plant. Place the plant away from any heat or conditioning vents.
  • Use water that is free of chemicals and salts. These compounds can change the colour of the leaflets, causing them to become yellow or brown. The finest liquid is purified or filtered water.
  • To spur growth, apply a drop of liquid fertilizer now and again. Use a chemical designed particularly for lucky bamboo for the optimal outcomes, but be cautious not to over-fertilize.
  • Trimming entails removing any decaying or yellowing leaves.


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