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Modern Traditions: Kalamkari by RÉBAH by Inaya

Modern Traditions: Kalamkari by RÉBAH by Inaya

RÉBAH by Inaya

The objective of developing enormous things that are profoundly founded on culture and old customs makes it a unique and difficult process when an idea comes from a burning passion in today’s digitalised environment. Inaya Fatima was motivated to explore her passion for painting after spending eight years in the corporate world. Bidisha Barik talks with Inaya, the artist and founder of RÉBAH by Inaya, about her path of making masterpieces that stem from her early interest in experimenting with colours and infusing her work with a touch of culture.

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Inaya Fatima – Founder of RÉBAH by Inaya

The ancient method of kalamkari, or block painting, is used to create hand-painted clothes. The advent of hand-painted apparel in the fast-fashion market has gotten a lot of attention. Even though it’s not widely produced in the market by designers, it sticks out because of its elegance and sophistication.

‘RÉBAH by Inaya’ is a hand-painted clothing line that uses classic techniques to produce stunning creations. “I always knew I aim to be an artist, create an impact, touch people’s souls with my work and inspire as many people as I can. My motive is to retain traditional art,” says Inaya. Though India is famed for its exquisite traditional art, artists in the fast-paced world have a challenge in monetizing their passion for art. This puts ‘RÉBAH by Inaya’ at the forefront for fusing traditional art with fashion in 2019. Potli bags, tropical kaftan collection, all-silk suits, blooming scarf collection, flower masks, cushions, eco-bags, sarees, dupattas, and accessories like scrunchies, pendants, and earrings are some of RÉBAH by Inaya’s classics.

RÉBAH by Inaya

“We want to create a beautiful consumer experience. Hence, every order comes with handpainted packing with a handwritten letter, beautiful message and plastic-free packing,” says the founder. During the pandemic, face masks become a new fashion statement, and RÉBAH by Inaya released 100+ hand-painted masks, breaking the previous record of the hand-painted Bow Scrunchies and Resin Jewelry.

“Why should only one gender have all the fun?” the self-taught artist wonders, as she designs a unisex apparel collection with ‘no gender tags.’ “As an artist, I don’t believe in gender colour coding, distinguishing any design pattern based on gender, or any other gender prejudices,” she continues.

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RÉBAH by Inaya aspires to become a go-to internet destination for blending moving fashion with the ideals and emotions of ancient Asian art practises.

Because style is a synonym for individuality, make sure you’re dressed to the nines in a great variety of hand-painted ensembles.

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Product Price: Ranging from INR 69 to INR 16,000 as per your customization




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