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Pawfect Portraits

Pawfect Portraits

Pawfect Portraits book

Pets are the one constant solace in many of our lives. For pet parents everywhere, their bond with their animal companions means the world to them. At PAWSTRO, you can have a digital portrait of your pet hand-drawn to capture the essence of this bond. ARUSHI DUSAJ takes us through the innovative process.

Are you a pet lover? We all love our pets unconditionally, right? Why wouldn’t we, they are the best things that have happened to us! Pampering one’s pets is like a ritual for every pet lover. If you are looking at doing something special for your pet, look no further!

Pawstro finds their passion in creating pet portraits that will immortalise the bond you share. For many, pets become a part of the family, and the deep emotional bond shared is unparalleled. They stand by our side through thick and thin, and we want to share everything with them. We find comfort in pets like nowhere else.  Pawstro aims to help pet owners all around cherish these good memories and the love you have for your furry companion.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then these exclusively portraits by Pawstro echo all the different stories you share with your beloved pet. They provide a variety of services, and their custom-made high-resolution digital portraits can be printed on frames, mugs, mobile phone cases, pillow covers, T-shirts or any other surfaces that you’d like. They’re made by experienced artists from India and are available with a transparent background or with a colourful background at affordable rates.

At Pawstro -

Get personalized portraits in 3,2,1….

Here are some steps that you can follow that can help you get customized portraits for your pets.


Pick a picture 

Choose your favourite picture of your pet from your mobile and upload it in the ‘File Upload’ 

button on the ‘Order Now Page’. You can check out the image guidelines for tips. If the image is not of the required resolution or has other issues, they might write to you asking for alternate options.


Place your order 

Choose the most suitable options from a variety of background options and sizes available. Click on the ‘Place Order’ button after checking all the details.


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Get ready to grab the portrait

The wait is finally over! The digital copy of the order is sent to you within 48 hours, after which you can approve or suggest changes if you feel the need. Once the picture is finalized, it will be mailed to you in high resolution. You can then get it printed with from a printer near you.

Well, isn’t this exciting? Capture those unforgettable moments with your pet in the most beautiful way.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 9054719872 (Also available on Whatsapp)

Instagram: @pawstro_official



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