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Pet bakeries to make your pet’s special days ecstatic

Pet bakeries to make your pet’s special days ecstatic

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It’s said that if you’re lucky, a pet will come into your life. Our four-legged friends are emotionally honest and bring us compassion and love, significance, and sheer delight. Merely petting a pooch, kitten, or any other animal could indeed alleviate blood pressure and reduce anxiety. In turn, our warmth can be comforting for them, especially when they are feeling under the weather. It is not always about wanting to take; it is also about wanting to give. To help you celebrate the important days in your pet’s life and make them even remarkable, Mahati Salike recommends a couple of pet bakeries that you check out.

1.Hooch and Bailey’s Barkery, Kochi

Jayalakshmi, a trained pastry chef at Sugar Craft in Kochi, has been baking since 2012. Jaya raises two female boxer dogs who acquired allergy symptoms in their early months because of eating the wrong food. She thus started baking and producing goodies for her canines, and they reciprocated wonderfully. As she started baking for others too, Hooch and Bailey was born. Jaya adds, “Hooch and Bailey started in April 2018 and ever since then, I’ve been excited to bake delicacies for pets.” Based out in Kochi, the patisserie of Hooch and Bailey creates cakes and pastries for the clientele depending on their specifications and charges correspondingly. They also ship Pan India.

BEST SELLERS: Customised birthday cakes, jerkies, chicken treats, banana and peanut butter treats.


Cakes – Rs 850/- onwards

Treats – Rs 160/- per 100 grams

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2.Piper’s Pet Bakery, Mumbai

Erika, a former aspiring pilot and piqued musician, began preparing nutritious cakes and snacks first for her labrador. Starting January 2018, she has been baking for many other doggies in Mumbai as a home baker, with the help and guidance of her mother. The bakery later transitioned into a Belgian-style artisanal pet bakery, manufacturing pet food with an additional dash of love, compassion, and warmth. The last two years have been traumatic for everyone, but they’ve also been quite a blessing in disguise for some of us. Ecstatic, Erika continues, “With several individuals adopting dogs during the outbreak, it has been a milestone in my baking path that people have become acquainted with Piper’s, and since then I have not had to think past.”

BEST SELLERS: Muffins and Cakes


Cakes – Rs 900/- for ½ kg

Muffins – Rs 400/- for 4 pieces

Cakesicles – Rs 600/- for 4 pieces

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3.The Floof Pet Bakery, Delhi

Apoorva Piplani, who is presently getting a diploma in Canine Nutrition, has had a passion for baking since she was a youngster. The Floof Pet Bakery arose from an inventive enthusiasm for baking. Apoorva couldn’t obtain a cake for her pet’s birthday since pet bakeries were unheard of a few years ago. That’s when she began creating nutritional treats for a variety of different dogs in and around Mumbai. The 25-year-old home baker was able to effectively establish her brand in 2018. When asked how the outbreak affected her company, she smiles and explains, “COVID had influenced us favourably since people devoted more time indoors with their dogs and it was the appropriate opportunity to experience such possibilities.”

Best Sellers: Caricature cakes, Chicken pies


Cakes – Rs 800/-

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Treats – Rs 300/- per 200 grams

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4.Waggy Tales Pet Bakery, Mumbai

Purva Sawant, the founder of Waggy Tales Pet Bakery, started baking 5 years ago and all the conceivable fusions in her cake and treat recipes to develop a peculiar brand that she didn’t believe would’ve been ultimately flourishing. ‘It was my pets that encouraged me to open a bakery and feed a zillion pets,’ she exclaims. She further adds that ‘ Baking brings me joy, and yes, my adventure commenced in 2020.’

Purva also caters for animals at an adult shelter where she volunteers on a daily basis. She added several more products to her menu along with skincare and pet care products after receiving a fantastic reaction from her customers.

Best Seller: Pup Cola, Petflix and Chill Boxes, cakes

Price: Small Cakes – 675/-

½ kg Cakes: 1150/-

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To all the pet owners out there looking for ergonomic, piquant, and lovely cakes for your pets, this article will assist you in finding the best fit for your furry best friend.


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