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Popular food bloggers to follow

Popular food bloggers to follow

Popular food bloggers to follow - Hashtag Magazine

One of the most fascinating careers is food blogging. They utilise it to create and share their recipes and culinary advice, from everyday cooks to well-known chefs. In conversation with four well-known food bloggers who share advice with Rashmi Bhumi Reddy to assist newcomers. Check out the Popular food bloggers to follow right now.

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Mahima Dhoot

Blog Name:- Dining with Dhoot 

Mahima Dhoot is a Mumbai-based food blogger who has captured some of her most fascinating cooking experiences. 

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Regarding her story behind the blog, she says, “I’ve always been passionate about food and used to enjoy discovering new places and dishes. During the lockdown, I couldn’t explore, so I started cooking some of my favourite foods at home. That is how dining with dhoot started. It was initially a hobby or passion project during Covid, but I quickly fell in love with content creation and sharing recipes online. What inspired me to become a food blogger was simply the fact that I love food.” 

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Her love of cooking ends up being a doorway to her ideal world. Additionally, she channelled her enthusiasm for cooking into the creation of a virtual food blog on Instagram, where she engaged her audience by sharing several recipes from diverse cuisines.

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Her signature dishes include potato dishes like Jeera Aloo, Aloo Chokha, and Aloobhujiya

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Her preferred technique of cooking is in the oven since she enjoys roasting the ingredients, which enhances the flavour of the food. Her long-term goal is to expand her audience by starting a new YouTube page.

Ishita Dan 

Blog Name:- Littlehealthyish

Ishita Dan, a food blogger from Kolkata, started her blog called ‘littlehealthyish’ four years ago after being inspired by recipes and videos posted on Pinterest and YouTube. 

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Most of her content is produced at home. She also offers a key piece of advice to beginners for producing quality Instagram content: shoot in direct sunlight. If the light is good, you can film high-quality videos without a very expensive device. 

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She loves baking because she finds it to be so therapeutic. Additionally, baking recipes are frequently highly forgiving, so you can still produce good results even if you don’t measure everything out.

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For beginners, her main advice is to maintain consistency even on days when you don’t feel like producing the content or when you lack motivation, or when your blog reach is low. Simply continue blogging without worrying too much about the reach.

Uma Raghuraman 

Blog Name:- Masterchefmom 

Uma Raghuraman, a food blogger from Delhi says, “I dream that the world will know and acknowledge the ‘Real Indian Cooking’ which is an ancient art where ‘Food is considered a medicine that heals’. I wanted to inspire young mothers to cook healthy, creative, and interesting dishes that will not only excite the person who eats but also excite and bring loads of enthusiasm to the person who cooks.”

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Her blog is popular for Indian cuisine, exclusively homemade and lunch box ideas. She also shares the recipes for the dishes to aid young mothers who are going through similar challenges every day.

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Her signature dishes are traditional South-Indian recipes. Moreover, she describes her style of cooking in their words – Simple, Tasty, and Healthy.

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Her favourite method of cooking is slow cooking using traditional vessels like clay pots, bronze, etc., as she finds pleasure in it. Regarding her future goals, she says, “there are no goals but milestones in this journey. I just wish to keep cooking and sharing different, innovative, tasty, and healthy recipes with the world.”

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Finally, her key advice for beginners is to thoroughly enjoy what you are cooking and keep practising and perfecting yourself before blogging about the recipes.

Shubhangini Bhojak

Blog Name:-  bliss_is_food

Shubhangini Bhojak, a Vadodara-based food blogger, says, “My love and passion for food has inspired me to become a full-time blogger and Chef. Good food has always been a mood lifter & a way to bring people together. Additionally, I love trying out different cuisines & soaking in the culture”.

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Her signature dish is Khichdi. She loves experimenting and creating different varieties of Khichdi with seasonal veggies and Indian spices. Additionally, she also shares that the dish reminds her of her home.

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Her favourite method of cooking is simmering and steaming as she finds that it retains the nutritional value of the ingredients. Moreover, this method is exclusively implemented while preparing traditional dishes of the place where she is grown. 

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Her future goals are to possess a kitchen studio and to write and publish a cookbook that inspires people. 

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Her advice for beginners is consistency, hard work and having a learning attitude, which is the most important aspect of blogging, and it adds value to your audience’s life with your food blogs.


Last but not least, follow the guidance of well-known food bloggers and create trend-setting, unique, and mouth-watering content.


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