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Popular Night Clubs in India

Popular Night Clubs in India

Popular Night Clubs in India - Hashtag Magazine

Over the past decade, nightlife and partying have become a popular trend in India. There are many nightclubs across the country offering a wide range of entertainment options to the public. The top metropolitan cities have great nightclubs where you can relax with your friends and enjoy some delicious food and a wide range of drinks. These are the top nightclubs in India that have a wonderful atmosphere and ambience. 

1)Prism Club, Hyderabad- Prism Club is one of the largest and most popular nightclubs in the country. With state of art infrastructure and great ambience, the Prism Club is a great place for a group outing and many amazing options are available in drinks and food. It also has one of the largest dance floors and the club has hosted many popular artists like Ben Bohmer, Nina Kraviz, Monolink, and others.


3)Kitty Su, Mumbai– Kitty Su is one of the most sophisticated clubs and great nightspots in Mumbai which is loved by dance and music lovers. The club has branches in Delhi and Chandigarh as well. The club offers great cocktails and dishes. It is also the best place to explore Mumbai’s ancient and modern fancies.

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Price Range: Rs 2,500(Approx.)

4)Byg Brewski, Bengaluru– Bengaluru is the capital city for nightlife. The city has many nightclubs and the most popular one amongst them is Byg Brewski. It is an amazing nightclub which offers cuisines from across the world. Byg Brewski is also famous for its beers. The nightclub has also received various awards for its ambience and décor.

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Price Range: Rs 1,600 for two.

5)Playboy Club, Delhi- Playboy Club is one of the 4 AM nightclubs that is setting some great standards in Delhi. With stunning interiors and spacious dance floors, Playboy Club is the show stealer for special weekend party venues. They have impressive food menu options in North India, continental, and cocktails. It is an ideal destination for late-night parties, and the club also has entertainment options that double the fun of partying. 


Price Range: Rs 4,500 for two.

6)Tantra, Kolkata– Tantra is one of the finest nightclubs and luxury bars in Kolkata. The club has two bars, a hangout zone, and a colourful dance floor. It is the best spot for party celebrations, and it also has novel theme nights with celebrities, and international artists. The club’s hangout area is called Santra Room which provides a backdrop for celeb nights, DJ events, Jam Sessions, impressive food, and a bar menu. Tantra is undoubtedly the busiest place in Kolkata during the weekend times. 

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Price Range: Rs 3,500 for two.

7)Hill Top, Goa– Hilltop Club is one of the popular spots to enjoy the best music in the country. Recently the club hosted the Sunburn festival as well. Located at the top hill in Vagator, you can spend the whole night there with quality dining and drinking. The club also provides rooms on an affordable budget. It is an ideal spot in Goa for partying and also spending time with friends. 

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Price Range: Rs 1,400(Approx.)

8)Gatsby 2000, Chennai– Chennai is one of the top four metropolitan cities in India and it has many nightclubs. The popular one amongst them is Gatsby 2000. This Irish-themed club is a great place for hosting parties. The club arranges great DJ events, and amazing cocktails, and serves local and international cuisine as well. 

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Price Range: Rs 1,597- 1,996.

9)Mi-a-mi, Pune- Mi-a-mi nightclub at the JW Marriot is one of the most popular nightclubs in the city. It is an amazing place to hang out with your friends. The club has hosted some celebrated international DJs like Thomas Gold, Dash Berlin, Tritonal, and others. The atmosphere in the club is energetic, and it also has a lovely dance floor and a terrific sound system. The club remains open till 1:30 AM during the weekdays and on the weekends the timing extends to 2:30 AM. 

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Price Range: Rs 1,000- 2,500.

10)Trilogy, Mumbai– Trilogy is a favourite nightclub in Mumbai. It was recently renamed Trilogy Super Club. The club has two levels in the hotel, one for the bar and the dance floor and the other for the lounge area. The ambience in the nightclub is modern and psychedelic. The stylish décor and upbeat music suit the atmosphere of the nightclub. There are various ranges of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks along with delicious food on the menu. 

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Price Range: Rs 3,000 for two.

Conclusion: These are the popular nightclubs in India with amazing options for both cuisine, and drinks. Explore these fun places and groove to their rhythm. 


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