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Sonam Kapoor talks about her pregnancy journey

Sonam Kapoor talks about her pregnancy journey

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Sonam Kapoor unveiled a pregnancy detection tool, emphasising the importance of reliable pregnancy detection. She states, “Motherhood is a beautiful journey, and having an accurate pregnancy detection tool is crucial.” The event, attended by many mom influencers and celebrities such as Kishwer Merchant, Anita Hassanandani Reddy, Mahhi Vij, Pooja Banerjee, and others, highlighted the significance of early pregnancy detection for maternal and infant health.

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 Before taking some media queries, Sonam updated, “I just moved back to Mumbai as we lived in London for a couple of years. We decided to move back to Mumbai as we wanted our child to be around his grandparents from both sides. I’m back at work. Hope you guys get to see me more.”


What questions did you have in mind before bringing this precious human life into this world, and how did you address them?

When my husband and I got married, we wanted to enjoy our marriage for two years and have a good time before we decided to have a child. I remember it was January 2020, when we were trying to have a child, when the pandemic happened. We got scared and just decided to wait till the pandemic was over. Though things started settling down, the second wave occurred in India; it was pretty scary, so we decided to wait a little. I was reading about fertility and the lifestyle I needed to lead during this time. More than anything, I understood that I must lead a stress-free life, from taking supplements to eating right and sleeping at the right time. I’m thrilled Prega News is taking a full approach to pregnancy.

Do you think the ovulation tracking date is essential?

Yes, it’s essential because, contrary to what we are told, you can’t get pregnant every day. Everyone has a different cycle, different ovulation days, and days when you are more fertile. I have a 32-day cycle. Those five days before and after ovulation are the most important and fertile. These are the five days you are most likely to be pregnant. An ovulation tracker can prove to be your best friend at this time. So, I did use an ovulation tracker to get pregnant.

How did tracking your ovulation feel?

It was stress-free because you are not guessing when you are supposed to have sex. It is supposed to take off romance for some time. But you get back when you love your partner.

What other supplements did you include in your diet plan besides eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle?

I honestly took advice from a Tamilian doctor in the UK. She told me to eat the Indian way. She advised me to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, which is Indian Khaana like Roti, bhaji, Dal, and dahi, along with chicken and fish, for non-veg options. I followed a simple diet with a few supplements. Just be simple, and don’t go on a crazy diet. Although I put a lot of weight during my pregnancy, I wasn’t eating goond ke ladoos and sugar.

You put on a lot of weight; did you feel uncomfortable? How was your experience constantly not seeing yourself in your older avatar?

I gained 36 kgs and was in Kaftans all the time. I wasn’t looking at losing weight after I delivered. My main focus after his birth was to take care of my child. I took an entire year to lose weight slowly and steadily. I didn’t go on a crash diet. It didn’t matter if I was photographed; I didn’t shy away from my weight. You have to love yourself and be healthy, both mentally and physically.

One thing that you were worried about while you were pregnant?

I got pregnant at an advanced age- 36. A few of my friends got pregnant at the same period, and they told me everything that needed to be monitored, like the foetus’s health, etc. I had a little anxiety, but it was always higher when I went for check-ups, as I would want my child to grow well. I think, as a first-time mom, you are always nervous. I would google to find out how much weight I am supposed to put on.

How did you feel when you discovered you were pregnant?

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It was on Christmas, the 25th of December, when I learned I had conceived. The weird thing was that my hubby had COVID at that time, and we were sleeping in the same apartment in separate rooms. So I told him through Facetime, and he felt great.

What must you do while pregnant to keep yourself and the baby healthy?

I exercised during my pregnancy. I did Pilates and a lot of walking. You should take your doctor’s advice for sure. Be careful of yoga unless you practice with an affluent yoga teacher. Just be active.

One best decision you took while you were pregnant?

I followed the old tradition. I was at my parent’s house for my first six months; the last two months, it was one of the best decisions. The comfort you feel at home with your mother is my best.

What parenting advice do you want to give?

When taking off in an aircraft, put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Then, put on your child. Be kind to yourself and look after yourself. We have been conditioned to sacrifice a lot for our family. We, as moms, have an instinct to do that, but you need to take care of yourself to take the best care of your child.


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