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Street Style with a Pop of Culture – Homegrown Sneaker Brands

Street Style with a Pop of Culture – Homegrown Sneaker Brands

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The popularity of the street style is surging like never before. Sneakers have become so popular in India that they have absorbed the whole fashion industry. The core of every organisation is to grow to meld with diverse cultures other than their own. With the emergence of hip-hop in India, there has been a matching surge in interest in sneakers. Millennials have the upper hand in terms of sneaker ownership, which they use to adorn their attire with some eccentric patterns. Bidisha Barik talks about how Indian shoe labels like Unhinged Customs, Sole Cult and Courtside are dominating this rising market.

It began as a symbol of an acceptable fashion statement, but it gradually evolved into a tool of identity. Both high fashion and small labels are now attempting to keep up with the expanding trend in their own unique ways. The popularity of custom sneakers rose as people realised how unique and amazing it is to design their own footwear and wear it as a fashion statement. We should keep an eye out for these Indian sneaker brands!

1.Rajeev Ravula

Founder of Sole Cult 

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Sole Cult customs are hand-selected, styled, painted, and decorated to produce an exquisite piece of art, from the base product to one-of-a-kind alterations by an artist’s hand. Their ambition is to minimise, repurpose, and reclaim, as well as build up the country’s individualised streetwear culture. “There is nothing greater than being original,” says Sole Cult founder Rajeev Ravula.

Rajeev Ravula, who lives in Hyderabad, is a passionate sneakerhead. Art has always piqued his interest, ever since he was a youngster.

“Kanye West and Virgil Abloh inspired me to get into the sneaker scene,” Rajeev adds.

Rajeev founded Sole Cult as a pastime in 2019 and transformed it into a company in 2020 after some market research and studies in bespoke shoes.

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2.Rahul Dev

Founder, Designer and Photographer at Unhinged Customs 

With his zeal for art, Rahul Dev creates unusual lifelike customs. His talent for art saw him start painting shoes almost a decade ago. His renditions of pop culture icons such as Spongebob, Iron Man, and Pink Floyd, as well as the small individualised traditions he creates for his clientele, will leave you speechless.

“We produce wearable artwork according to the topic of the client’s choosing,” Rahul explains. 

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Rahul began Unhinged Customs as an Instagram page in 2016, and after growing disenchanted with the corporate world, he decided to turn his passion for art into a company in August 2019. Artists have a unique method of creating a beautiful masterpiece, which takes time; for Rahul, it takes between 10 and 80 hours, depending on the subject at hand. Though Rahul does not specialise in any particular kind of art, he is willing to cater to the needs of his clients.

“Anything the customer wishes. As long as it is not duplicated or disrespectful to anybody, I would be pleased to make art around it,” he says.

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3.Saigun Grover

Founder, Designer & Photographer at Courtside

An avid lover and creator of music, Saigun Grover was drawn to the sneaker culture by the thrill of creating something from nothing. In his engineering college, he was also involved in the construction of automobiles. “Today, it’s art and business,” Saigun explains. He hopes to create a place of originality amid the country’s developing street style with the custom shoe culture offered at Courtside. “We achieve that by fusing your favourite shoes with designs that actually resonate with you, something mass-produced sneakers seldom do,” Saigun explains.

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The evolution of India’s trendiest street style has caught the interest of today’s youth. Saigun’s efforts in experimenting with a wide range of techniques and materials are reflected in his sneaker line, which elevates the factory finish to new heights. He’s also shown a strong desire to “create a skilled team so we can give our clients a one-of-a-kind design experience.”

Saigun says, “Though it hasn’t been an easy route, it has certainly been an exciting one.”

Level up your style statement by personalising your individual style that defines your aura with these amazing, contemporary yet native sneaker brands!


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