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White Mango- Out of the box!

White Mango- Out of the box!

White Mango- Out of the box! - Hashtag Magazine

Have you ever heard about a pickle with green apples? Or the Paan-flavoured pannacotta? Then, you must visit the newfound White Mango gourmet kitchen in Jubilee Hills. This recently opened-up gourmet kitchen offers you a plethora of new and different combinations of cuisines. Situated in the city’s heart, this is a perfect spot to hang out with your loved ones. Vimal and Srikanth, the owners of the place, talk about the restaurant with Sharon. 

“It took us three months to fix the menu,” says Vimal, co-founder of White Mango. They say good things come to those who wait, and we have cherished the “good items” from the menu. After a friendly chat with the owners, they left us to relish the food. We ordered Creamy De Chicken and Parmesan Potatoes for starters and the Signature Frappe and Midnight Mango for  drinks. As we wait for the food, we look around, a water fountain on the right corner with white interiors on the left, sets the mood of the place, creating the perfect ambience. The tables and furniture are made with one log, and that too, a 75-year-old log. If you are asking if the ambience is instragammable? It’s a definite YES! The lights in the evening, the art on the walls, and the food are a perfect 10/10 for the restaurant. The food is served with exemplary service. Creamy De Chicken and Parmesan Potatoes are a must-try for their rich and creamy texture. The sauces, made with in-house products, is not too spicy, yet has so much flavour. Midnight mango, a pulpy mocktail is very refreshing, while the frappe is a treat for all coffee lovers. Then, comes the star of the meal, Bento Boxes. As we went through the main course menu, we found something quite intriguing- bento boxes. We ordered veg and non-veg bento boxes, which included a curry, a fry, salad, and green apple pickle with roti or rice as per your choice in a cute, little red box. It is quite filling and very delicious. The green apple pickle was a surprise with a mix of sour, sweet and spicy.  And finally, the desserts have a line-up of Choco Hazelnut, Classic Red Velvet, Tres Leches Blueberry, Tiramisu Jar, and Paan-Flavoured Panna Cotta. “We didn’t believe in serving regularly. We wanted something different, apart from the ambience, there should be something different from the regular outlets,” adds Vimal upon ordering the paan pannacotta. It was again a big surprise to us when we took the first bite with apprehension. The first bite is an explosion of flavours to your taste buds; the rich textured dessert, with a different fusion, is the best you can find in town. 

White Mango is everything the city needs: a bit of Hyderabadi, a sprinkle of fusions, and lots of flavours! 

Address: Plot 97/A, Road 14, Near Chiranjeevi blood bank, Jubilee hills, Hyderabad.

Timing: 11.00 am to 11.00 pm

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Meal for two: Rs 1,000

Our pick: White Mango signature frappe


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