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Back Pain No More!

Back Pain No More!

Back Pain No More!

Backache is the most widely recognised issue that individuals with desk jobs are enduring in today’s day and age. The principal reason behind this is the extended periods of sitting on a chair, influencing the stance. As the body slumps, the shoulders drop forward and the back turns out to be adjusted and that in turn squeezes the lower back. Here, Teena Sadiora suggests some yoga postures to overcome back pain.


Back Pain No More!

This posture extends the spine, opens the shoulders and chest, and reinforces the stomach. Clasp the stance for half a minute with typical relaxation.

Swaying Cobra Pose

Back Pain No More!

This stretches the lower back muscles and the spine, opens the shoulders and chest, and fortifies the stomach. Rehash on both sides for half a minute with typical relaxing. 

Crocodile Pose

Back Pain No More!

This stance urges the vertebral segment to expect its typical shape along delivering the nerves’ pressure. Remain in variety 1 for around half minute. In variety 2, you need to lift your legs while attempting to kick the hips with the heels and rehash for half minute breathing ordinarily.


Back Pain No More!

Used to loosen up the body and quiet the psyche, this posture balances the retrogressive bowing stances and extends the spine, relieving any tension on the disc.

Marichyasana C

Back Pain No More!

Especially useful for individuals with adjusted shoulders, this posture straightens your spine and opens the chest. The intercostal muscles are additionally extended, aiding you for inhaling profoundly. Remain in the stance for half minute breathing profoundly. Rehash on the opposite side.

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Reclining Hand to Toe Pose

This stance is truly outstanding for extending your hamstrings. It opens the hip and squeezes the lower back. It extends the spine and alleviating the pain. Initiate by utilising the tie’s assistance until you feel good holing your toe. Remain in the stance for around half minute. Rehash on the opposite side.

Relaxing by Shashankasana

These days, a large number of people spend most of their time at work. For these people, it’s imperative to utilise a seat that bolsters your body’s arrangement and keeps you in an appropriate stance. There are a bunch of ergonomic seats available in the market that can help fix your stance and ease your back, shoulder, and neck pain, so choose wisely!


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