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Whether you’re aiming to kick-start a new fitness routine, seeking motivation for a healthier lifestyle, or simply curious about the regimens of the stars you admire, Hashtag Magazine has you covered. Discover the secrets behind your favourite stars’ sculpted physiques and healthy lifestyles as they share their wellness journeys and expert advice.

Divyansha Kaushik

Divyansha’s journey, from London training to makeup assignments in Delhi, seamlessly blended her passion for makeup and writing. Discovered by photographers, she transitioned into acting and modelling, sparking a transformative journey. Shedding weight and crafting an impressive portfolio, Divyansha gained notice from talent agencies. Now, on the brink of her South Telugu film debut with ‘Saregama’ and an exciting project with Vijay Deverakonda, her story exemplifies the intersection of talent and opportunity in cinema. Looking ahead, she anticipates diverse challenges, aspiring to balance intensity and authenticity in biopics and action films.

How do you balance physical and mental fitness with your busy entertainment career?

I clock in three to four hours of training on my non-working days. The first two hours are dedicated to gymnastics, a newfound passion for the past year. I diligently practice various routines. Then, I jump into a boxing class for both a workout and fun. I also religiously go for a 5 km run daily, providing physical activity and mental clarity.

On work and shoot days, I try to kick-start my day around 5 am, with a 5 km run setting a positive tone for the day and clearing my mind. After a day on set, I squeeze in a 20-30-minute workout if I still have some energy. If not, it’s a quick Chinese food fix, then straight to bed for well-deserved rest.

Are there specific fitness routines or exercises that you find particularly helpful in staying energized and focused during your demanding work in the film industry?

I took up gymnastics about a year and a half ago, and it’s been a game-changer for me. I do handstands, cartwheels, and backflips, but my coach also incorporates yoga into the routine – like savasana, bakasana, and headstands. It centers me and keeps my energy flowing. The balance and focus required make it almost meditative.

After my daily run, I indulge in a lengthy savasana. Incorporating these practices into my routine makes me feel like I can tackle anything daily, even working until 4 am. My energy stays with me, and I remain active, ensuring I complete everything.

How do you stay motivated and resilient in an industry that can be highly competitive and demanding?

Staying motivated in this industry can be challenging, especially during the downtimes. As an actor, it’s a rollercoaster – intense work for three to four months, followed by a quiet month, then back in action for another stretch. The ebb and flow is part of the beauty of our profession.

The downtime offers a chance to invest in ourselves – our bodies and minds are our instruments. Whether it’s maintaining fitness, working on acting skills, or refining dance and stunt abilities, it’s an ongoing process. I find motivation in this continuous self-improvement. Keeping to my workout routine and giving 100 percent to personal development ensures I’m always ready for the following role or the quiet moments.

Beyond physical fitness, mental well-being is crucial. What practices do you engage in to maintain a positive mind-set?

Physical fitness is a cornerstone of my daily routine, not just for staying in shape but also for mental clarity. I consciously avoid gossip and negative media to safeguard my mind-set from negativity. It’s a form of mental protection.

In this industry, stress is part and parcel of the game. Whether it’s preparing for an event or dealing with various demands, it’s crucial not to take oneself too seriously. I remind myself to gracefully handle any mistakes and not let them define me. Ultimately, staying true to myself and not dwelling on the inevitable pressures is my way of maintaining a positive mind-set in this demanding profession.

Are there any fitness recommendations you’d offer our readers to incorporate into their routines?

I’ve recently incorporated specific yoga practices like Shavasana, headstands, and handstands into my routine. These inversions boost blood flow in the opposite direction and demand focus and balance. The clarity of mind they bring is something I aim for daily, and I try to practice them wherever I am.

Another tip is to start your day early, around 5:00 AM. This has significantly impacted my life, providing the momentum needed for a workout. Amidst busy schedules, beginning the day with exercise ensures you stay active and energized.

Do you have any fitness resolutions for the New Year?

As for my fitness resolution, it’s all about consistency without burning out. While my motivation sometimes leads me to work out six days a week, including Sundays, I’ve learned the importance of balancing that intensity with adequate rest to maintain overall well-being.

Quick Takes

Cheat days: For me, every day is like a cheat day. I believe in enjoying the foods that make me happy and satisfy my cravings, then compensating with intense workouts.

Healthy eating:  I typically stick to homemade meals like dal, roti, and sabzi. During specific projects, I cut out dairy and sugar from my diet when aiming for a fitter look.

Shedding those extra kilos? I shed those extra kilos with a rigorous routine—daily 10-kilometer runs, one hour of general workouts, and an additional hour of dance classes. I maintained a strict diet, focusing on simple home-cooked meals.

Fittest co-star: Jacqueline Fernandez. I admire her fitness videos, dance routines, Surya Namaskar postures, and dedication, making her a great inspiration for me.

Aashiesh Sharrma

In the fast-paced world of Bollywood and business, actor and entrepreneur Aashiesh reveals the secrets behind his fitness philosophy. Apart from a diverse workout routine that includes running, cycling, swimming, yoga, and strength training to manage fitness amidst a hectic schedule, Aashiesh Sharrma’s go-to fitness mantra is his simple yet effective approach to diet.

How do you balance the diversity in your workout routine?

My workout routine is pretty simple. I try to keep it like that because then it is sustainable. I begin early morning cardio daily, which is different each day. I pick up an activity each day; one day, it is running; another day, it’s cycling, swimming, or yoga. I finish it off with strength training.

How do you prioritize fitness as an actor and entrepreneur in your busy life?

As an actor and entrepreneur, life is a little hectic. But you have to think about prioritizing fitness. To do anything or to achieve anything in life, at the end of the day, we need our mind and body at their top level. If we have to perform or achieve things in life, we need to do our best, and that can only happen if our body and mind function at the top level. I think it’s just the mind-set of an individual.

Honestly, all it requires is 45 minutes daily, which can quickly be done. You can outperform everybody in life if you prioritize health in general. Do the little things. Set a time for everything, a time for sleeping, and a time for waking up. You will have all the time in the world to do whatever you want to during the day. I think it is the only way to achieve any fitness goal.

How do you beat monotony in a fitness routine?

If you see results in the mirror, you will start falling in love with yourself, the monotony, and everything that comes with it. So we have to fall in love with everything that comes with it.

There are moments when the thought of hitting the gym doesn’t appeal to me. Instead, I opt for a lengthy walk. It’s perfectly fine to step outside, away from the gym, and keep moving. So, that’s my way of breaking the monotony. I play music and take a leisurely walk, and that’s how I introduce variety to my routine.

What are the fundamental principles you follow to maintain your fitness?

– Incorporate activity into your daily routine. Whether walking, running, or taking the stairs, strive to stay active daily.

– Focus on nutrition by embracing a good, clean, and timely diet. Quality nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

– Recognize the significance of rest in your fitness journey. Prioritize adequate sleep and allow your body the necessary recovery time. Balance is key.

– Envision your goals clearly in your mind. Stand before the mirror and visualize the person you aspire to be. Setting this mental goal kick-starts your body’s transformative journey.

– Avoid rushing into fitness and remember that results will manifest when the body is ready. Stay persistent and dedicated to your fitness journey.

 What is your daily diet like?

I keep my diet very simple and basic. These days, there are many things in the market that confuse us. Do not fall into the marketing trap; one should eat what grows locally and is easily acceptable by the body. Everything I eat, grains, millet, ghee, etc., is organically and naturally grown on my Jaipur farm. We have cows, and I know exactly where my food has come from over the past ten years.

My dietary regimen revolves around simplicity, focusing on high protein and fibre content through intermittent fasting. Commencing 11 AM, my first meal includes millet porridge, ample sprouts, and a serving of cut fruit. I incorporate a protein-rich portion for lunch comprising legumes, dals, lentils, chana, soya, paneer, or tofu. A modest 60 to 80 grams of mixed millet flour, such as Ragi, Bajra, or Jawar, is included. At 4:30 PM, I enjoy a cup of coffee with a mix of nuts, including soaked almonds, two walnuts, anjeer, and sunflower seeds. Closing the day at 6 PM, dinner features a vegetable soup alongside grilled tofu, soya, or a scoop of protein shake.

How do you manage stress and criticism, especially in a field like acting with constant scrutiny?

Not just in our field but life in general these days has become very stressful and competitive, especially with this surge of social media. As actors, we face some extra things because we are in the public eye. There’s a lot of criticism with work, how you look, your skin, your hair, the clothes that you wear, and everything is criticized.

Disappointment comes when you have expectations, so I try to keep my needs and wants in check. Maintaining a balanced mind-set also comes from having a very balanced household.

Having a grounding household, which my parents provide, is very important. Fortunately, I married the right partner. Upbringing also matters; we were raised to handle failure and success equally.

Quick takes:

Fitness resolutions? My Fitness resolution is not to have any fitness resolution. I think I do everything I can, and I expect a lot from me. My only resolution is to cut down on my caffeine intake. I love drinking coffee, so I think I will reduce caffeine.

Go to fitness mantra?  One fitness mantra you can’t go wrong with is discipline.

Biggest indulgence? Food. It has to be aloo ka paratha with lots of white Makhan and a bowl of dahi with Jeera Punawa, Jeera, and Lal Mirch.

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Diets? Go Vedic, Go Local. Eat whatever grows in your region; do not eat these bad fancy diets.

The hottest celebrity in the industry? Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor

Cheat day: I eat everything homemade. On cheat days, I don’t go out and eat. I am not much of a fancy eater. I like homely food, such as aloo ka paratha, pulao or mung dal, and homemade kalua.

Amika Sahil

Amika started her journey in the entertainment industry at nine years old as a contestant on the singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs. Over the years, she has transitioned from a singer to an actress, leaving her mark on Hindi-language cinema, web series, web films, and television. From the challenges of a competitive industry to the balance required for her multifaceted roles, Amika provides a glimpse into how she prioritizes health and wellness in her demanding professional life.

What does your daily workout routine look like? 

I prioritize my workouts in the evening, post-shoots, and meetings, as my body tends to be more active during that time. I ensure that I consume significant protein before and after the workout. Adding a fruit to my diet is also a crucial element. In our line of work, where looking good in costumes is essential, fitness becomes a critical part of the job. As an actor, it’s our responsibility to stay fit and maintain a good appearance. 

How do you find time for fitness in your busy schedule? 

Being an actor comes with the responsibility of staying fit and looking good. When fitness becomes a responsibility, you automatically find time, whether busy or not. Even during my television days, shooting every day without a break, I took some time for fitness. It may be hectic, but looking good is a priority. 

What keeps you motivated to stay fit?

Appreciation plays a significant role in keeping me motivated. When someone appreciates your appearance and fitness, it becomes a driving force. The feedback from fans, cast, and crew serves as powerful motivation, and I believe that’s sufficient.

Can you share your top 5 fitness rules?

Sleeping 7-8 hours is crucial for proper rest and recovery. Balance Pre and Post-Workout Meals by paying attention to the meals explicitly designed for your body. Make smart cardio choices, and choose and execute cardio exercises wisely. Include strength training to prevent injuries, allocate time for breaks, and avoid strenuous workouts daily. Incorporate designated rest days into your routine.

Can you elaborate on your diet and its impact on your fitness? 

You are what you eat. Your diet directly reflects your physical appearance, and effective workouts are challenging without proper nutrition. Avoiding oily food is crucial, as no amount of exercise can counteract the effects on your belly. Your diet determines 70 percent of fitness, while the remaining 30 percent happens in the gym. The key to weight loss is adhering to the proper diet, with the gym as a support system. My diet includes fruits, vegetables, and homemade food; everything is calculated and monitored.

How do you handle the pressure of being in the constant public eye?

In the entertainment industry, you’re exposed to public opinions and trolling. However, criticism often starts within Indian families from childhood. Mental strength is crucial in this industry. Whether you deliver a good or bad performance, trolling is inevitable. The industry is competitive and breeds jealousy. I take trolls lightly and stay indifferent. I don’t need many people to make me happy; I’m a solitary person who enjoys my own company. I distance myself from negativity and negative people, preserving my good vibes.

What is your fitness resolution for 2024?

For any fitness enthusiast, the ultimate goal is usually defined abs, and it’s a tough challenge. While various pills and steroids are available, maintaining natural abs requires a combination of carbs, cardio, and significant effort. My resolution is to achieve and maintain naturally sculpted abs.

Quick Insights:

Fitness Mantra: For me, it’s personally to stay away from samosas, which is my biggest guilty pleasure. 

Cannot Go Wrong: A proper diet is essential. Fitness is a 70 percent diet and 30 percent workout, regardless of how many calories you burn.

Fab Diets: Choosing the proper diet and understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy options is crucial. 

Hottest in the Industry: Nora Fatehi, I especially appreciate her waistline.

Cheat Day: While I indulge in cheat days, I feel guilty afterward because my stomach struggles to digest the junk food I eat.


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