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Bath Salts for the Soul

Bath Salts for the Soul

Bath Salts

Suhani Dewra, who runs a conscious online store, writes on the benefits of bath salts, and why they are your perfect batch companion.

Cramps during the period are one of the most uncomfortable experiences our body faces. While there are several ways to conquer these cramps such as period balm and long runs one natural and fun way to ease the pain is to use bath salts. The salts usually contain one star element that fulfills a certain purpose, and are supported by baking soda and essential oils that can help naturally cleanse and nourish the skin.

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The preparation of bath salts includes Epsom salts, which is basically Magnesium Sulphate. Now, as the salt seeps into your body, Magnesium unravels its magic to relax the ovaries which contract during the menstrual cycle, causing the dreaded cramps. Incidentally, the human body soaks in magnesium only through the skin, which clearly qualifies bath salts as a natural source to supply magnesium to the ovaries. 

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The aromatic bath salts are in general extremely soothing, no matter the situation. They help neutralise the electromagnetic field around the body. After a long day, when you have gathered all sorts of positive and negative energies, a relaxing shower or pedicure with salts in lukewarm water cancels the energies to help create an aura of neutral state. The magic ingredient that gifts you that deliverance is the Pink Himalayan Salt.


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