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Beauty Influencers of India resetting the beauty trends

Beauty Influencers of India resetting the beauty trends

Beauty Influencers of India resetting the beauty trends - Hashtag Magazine

Proving beauty to be undefined and all-encompassing, these Indian beauty influencers are resetting beauty standards, especially for the Indian audience. Mixing traditional hacks with modern tools, fashion and beauty bloggers have made a career out of their passion and have helped in boosting confidence and aesthetics in their followers. Here are a few famous beauty influencers.

  1. Komal Pandey (@komalpandeyofficial)

Achieving the milestone of a million followers on Instagram in 2021, Komal Pandey is the most famous fashion & beauty influencer of today. Known for her bold style and statements, Komal Pandey is a CA-turned-fashion and beauty influencer. Starting her career in content creation on YouTube, Komal soon translated her portfolio to Instagram videos and reels. 

Despite struggling with self-esteem and body image issues, Komal is an inspiration and guide to many people with her vision, ambition, perseverance and passion.

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  1. Debasree Banerjee (@debasreee)

Debasree Banerjee celebrates all things of beauty through her bold and passionate looks on her Instagram account with more than 305K people. With doable and easy makeup techniques, bold yet relatable beauty styling and her unique perception and definition of beauty, Debasree stands as a number one influencer that never fails to inspire her followers to love themselves. You can check out her Instagram account for excellent eye makeup looks, tutorials and workout gear.

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  1. Ankita Chaturvedi(@corallistablog)

Ankita Chaturvedi began her journey with passion with the Corallista blog which soon evolved to include comprehensive reviews, looks, tutorials, DIY makeups and beauty. Apart from setting the beauty trends, she also addresses social issues of fat-shaming and body weight shaming in her account which aligns with her view of beauty for everyone. She also extends her services to one-on-one consultations for suitable beauty products and experimentation and review of a wide range of beauty-related products.

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  1. Devina Malhotra (@guiltybytes)

The founder of Guilty Bytes, Devina Malhotra has created an Instagram account to especially cater to the curvy body types out there. Her channel is filled with honest product reviews, beauty ideas, recommendations of places to shop, and fashion and beauty styling. An extremely related influencer, her content stays true to its Indian roots and remains relatable to the Indian audience and others interested in the culture and nuances of India.

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  1. Magali Vaz (@magali_c)

Proudly displaying an eccentric personal style, Magali Vaz has a YouTube channel, an Instagram page and a personal blog where she parallels as a makeup influencer, photographer and vlogger. Her belief of beauty being a medium and form of self-expression is clear in her style and tutorials. You can find quick beauty tips, understand your own beauty standards and expressions and everything related to beauty and styling on her account.

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  1. Shreya Jain (@shreyajain26)

Filled with product reviews & recommendations, skincare tips and make-up tutorials, Shreya Jain’s account is in touch with trends, out-of-the-box and innovative ideas. Not just focusing on makeup and tutorials, but believing that beauty is also about healing and taking care, Shreya Jain’s content also extends to customized skin care routines, interesting tricks and much more.

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  1. Prarthana (@prarthanajagan)

A beauty vlogger, Prarthana creates content on product reviews, beauty tutorials, and skin and makeup hacks. Her USP is that her content also focuses on answering various beauty queries from her followers. She believes that beauty cannot be achieved without proper self-care and this philosophy reflects in her videos of skincare routines, and her discussions of ingredients good for the skin.

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  1. Yashwant Singh (@yashwantsngh)

A rarity in beauty vlogging and beauty influencing, Yashwant Singh is one of the few and most followed male beauty influencers in India. His beauty bias mostly tilting to the K-beauty angle, Yashwant indulges in the beauty of Korean stars and adds Indian nativity to their beauty fashion. In this channel, he also discusses his skincare routine and healthy food habits that help his skin glow and remain healthy capable of bearing the experiments he does for beauty on it.

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Fashion -

  1. Gurishq (@gurishqkaur)

A great channel if you are looking for variety in makeup. Her channel is mostly focused on makeup and her experimentation with different looks is sure to keep you swiping and scrolling through her social media page.  Her makeup reviews and get-ready-with-me videos are a treat to the eyes of her followers and a source of great fun and relaxation to idle away time without being unproductive. You can also find great product reviews with content created in her style, get ready for an honest, savage and interesting feed of content with her.

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  1. Ankush Bahuguna (@wingitwithankush)

While covering the vast expanse and unchartered territory of male beauty, with his account ‘wingitwithankush’ Ankush Bahuguna talks and raises awareness of how it is normal for men to take interest in beauty and self-care. He not only puts and experiments with various makeup styles on himself but gets many people to play canvases for him without the pressure and fear of judgement. Find both, the grace of feminity and the beauty of masculinity in his makeup that comprises looks for both genders or anyone in between who wishes to look and feel good.

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Special Mention:

Amit Bittoo Day (@beardwali)

A  beauty revolutions retrospective to existing beauty standards of India, Amit Bittoo Day through his channel beardwali is setting high goals for the beauty influencers of today with his social and responsible beauty vlogging. In this channel, he proudly wears feminine beauty with beard and hair extensions. A pioneer in androgynous fashion and beauty, Amit is bringing gender fluidity to beauty influencing and zipping and transforming the thoughts of the stereotypical aspect of society.  His skill and creative acumen are evident in his vlogs and are worthy of Bollywood glamour.

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Conclusion: These beauty influencers have redefined beauty and makeup. The next time you feel like following a new trend or trying something new, check out their social media.


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