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Celebrity Pet Bliss Unveiled

Celebrity Pet Bliss Unveiled

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Pets are more than just animals for many people. They are loyal companions, sources of joy, and even family members. Some celebrities are also passionate about their pets and love to show off their adorable furry friends on social media. Dhanush Kumar gives us some examples of celebrities with special bonds with their pets.

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Diana

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a global star who has made a name for herself in Bollywood and Hollywood. She is also a proud pet parent to Diana, a cute Chihuahua who has her own Instagram account.

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Priyanka often shares pictures and videos of Diana on social media, showing how much she loves and spoils her. Diana also accompanies Priyanka on her travels and events and has a custom-made Moncler Jacket to keep her warm.

Alia Bhatt and Edward

Alia Bhatt is one of the most popular actresses in India. She is also a cat lover with two cats, Edward and Juniper. Edward is a white Persian cat who has been with Alia since 2017.

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Alia calls him her ‘eternal’ and ‘soulmate’ and often posts adorable photos of him on her Instagram. Edward also has a fan club, with many admiring his fluffy fur and blue eyes.

Ram Charan and his Horses

Ram Charan is a superstar and a passionate horse rider who owns as many as 25 thoroughbred horses. Ram Charan has been riding horses since childhood and has participated in several equestrian competitions. He also uses his horses for some of his film scenes, such as the war sequence in Maghadeera.

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Ram Charan has disclosed the names of some of his horses, such as Badshah, Kajal, and Badal. He says he loves his horses like his family and takes good care of them. He often posts pictures and videos of his horses on his social media. He also celebrates their birthdays and gives them special treats.

Vijay Deverakonda and Storm

Vijay Deverakonda is a rising Telugu film industry star known for his versatile and unconventional roles. He is also a pet lover who has a Siberian husky named Storm.

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Vijay introduced Storm to his fans in 2019 when he posted a video of him playing with the puppy. Since then, Vijay has shared many glimpses of Storm on his social media, showing how much he cares for him. Storm also accompanies Vijay on his trips shoots and even has an Instagram account.

Taylor Swift and Benjamin

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Taylor Swift is a global superstar and cat lover with three cats: Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin. Benjamin is a Ragdoll cat who has blue eyes and white fur.

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Taylor often shares pictures and videos of Benjamin on social media, showing how much she cuddles and spoils him. Benjamin also appeared in Taylor’s music video for ‘ME!’ and even won the Best Celebrity Cat award.

Samantha and Hash

Samantha is a leading actress and dog mom to Hash, a French bulldog who is very playful and energetic. Samantha frequently shares pictures and videos of Hash on her social media, showing how much fun they have together.

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Hash also has a birthday party every year, where he gets a cake, balloons, and gifts. Samantha says that Hash has brought much joy and happiness to her life.


The deep connections between these celebrities and their pets transcend borders and industries. Whether through social media or extravagant celebrations, these celebrations showcase their furry friends’ profound impact on their lives, adding a heartwarming touch to stardom.


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