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Culinary Wanderlust

Culinary Wanderlust

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In the dynamic world where food, travel, and culture converge, Aashritha Daggubati shines as a vibrant storyteller, weaving a tapestry of flavours, experiences, and connections. As the elder daughter of Venkatesh Daggubati, Aashritha’s journey is intriguing as she earns her spot on the coveted Instagram’s Rich List of 2021. As the driving force behind Infinity Platter and Infinity Retreat, Aashritha’s ventures go beyond gastronomy; they represent a genuine quest to foster community, celebrate diversity, and redefine personal success. Aashritha Daggubati converses with Surabhi Goel about her culinary odyssey.

  1. What led you to create ‘Infinity Platter’ and embark on a journey of exploring the world through food?

‘Infinity Platter’ was born from the deeply ingrained significance of food, influenced by my family’s passion for gastronomy. Growing up, cherished memories were woven around the dining table, where the joy of sharing delectable meals with my father, uncle, and dad shaped my love for culinary experiences. As I ventured into travel, I noticed how food held a universal language that transcended boundaries, bringing people together through shared moments of delight and conversation.

This realization led me to document my explorations, recognizing that the flavours of a destination could unlock its culture, history, and community dynamics. With each dish, I began uncovering a holistic approach to understanding the essence of a place, from family traditions to the land’s bounty.

  1. Could you share the inception story of ‘Infinity Platter’ and how the idea took shape?

As I settled into Barcelona post-wedding, I started documenting the local food, culture, and travel experiences, which fuelled the ‘Infinity Platter.’ This platform became a space where I could intertwine my passion for food and exploration, sharing stories that transcend borders and connect people through the universal language of cuisine.

The channel’s genesis emerged from a keen observation during my travels – the prevalence of food photos on platforms like Instagram. Inspired by this trend, I decided to share my culinary experiences through pictures and videos despite my shyness. The positive response from my audience encouraged me to continue, leading to the creation of ‘Infinity Platter.’

  1. As ‘Infinity Platter’ evolved from an idea to a brand, what key milestones marked its progress?

The evolution of it was driven by a simple yet powerful principle: finding happiness in what I do. This guiding light ensured that my dedication and effort remained wholehearted, resulting in impactful content that resonated with my audience. As the quality of my work improved, so did the connection with my community, leading to milestones that marked the journey from concept to a meaningful endeavour.

  1. Tell us how the channel name originated and its alignment with your mission.

The name ‘Infinity Platter’ has its roots in my spiritual journey and a profound connection with the concept of infinity. Having practiced meditation since a young age, the word infinity holds immense significance, symbolizing the boundless nature of life’s possibilities. This notion aligns seamlessly with my mission, as my exploration through food and travel is an ever-expanding journey. Beyond just food, it represents the idea of a plate that can hold infinite experiences, passions, and connections. The name was conceived in collaboration with my cousin, and it captures the essence of limitless exploration and the exciting pursuit of new horizons that life constantly offers.

  1. How do you curate the diverse culinary experiences’ Infinity Platter offers, and how do you ensure they resonate with your audience?

The curation of diverse culinary experiences on ‘Infinity Platter’ is a symbiotic process between myself and my audience. By authentically sharing my journey and ideas, I attract followers who resonate with my values and perspective. Over time, this mutual understanding has grown stronger, allowing me to gauge their preferences. This insight guides my content choices, ensuring that each video or photograph holds value and entertainment for them. The harmonious connection between my passion and their appreciation creates a fulfilling cycle, encouraging me to continually offer experiences that align with their interests and bring joy to both sides.

  1. Could you narrate a memorable food journey presented on ‘Infinity Platter’ that impacted your audience?

One memorable food journey that left a lasting impact was when I ventured back to India and delved into showcasing soulful homemade dishes. Sharing videos featuring my grandmother’s traditional recipes struck a chord with my audience. The connection to these comfort foods resonated deeply, and the experience of learning new recipes from my Amma while filming together added a fun and heart-warming touch. Another unforgettable journey took me to the Pyrenees in Barcelona, where I foraged wild mushrooms from the forest and transformed them into a mouth-watering mushroom risotto. The uniqueness of the experience and the delicious outcome captivated my audience and me, making it a cherished memory on the platform.

  1. Looking ahead, what is your vision for the future of ‘Infinity Platter,’ and are there any exciting projects or expansions on the horizon?

After a brief hiatus, I’m diving back into content creation with a fresh perspective. There’s a wealth of captivating YouTube videos on the horizon, promising unique experiences and narratives that I’m thrilled to share. On top of that, ‘Infinity Platter’ is expanding into ‘Infinity Retreat,’ a specially curated week-long venture for women. I’ve already hosted the first retreat in Barcelona, with the second just around the corner. These retreats focus on mindfulness, food, adventure, travel, and community-building, offering a holistic vacation experience that fosters connections, creativity, and fun. This initiative aligns with my passion for bringing people together through shared experiences, and it’s a journey I plan to continue, with plans for more retreats in the coming years, including the possibility of hosting one in India in September. It’s an exciting time, and I’m eager to embrace all the opportunities.

  1. Coming from the film industry, the allure of success doesn’t hold the same excitement. Could you expand on this perspective?

Coming from the film industry, I’ve developed a unique perspective on success. While I greatly respect the industry, I’ve never aspired to be on the big screen. What drives me is the pursuit of genuine passion and happiness. I believe that even if a project offers significant monetary rewards, I won’t pursue it if it doesn’t align with my true calling. Success is synonymous with joy – it’s about being content and fulfilled in what I do. While the possibility of being in front of the big screen isn’t off the table, my primary focus remains on pursuing what brings me joy, as that is the ultimate measure of success.

Quick takes-

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  1. Apart from food and travel, what other activities excite you?

Beyond food and travel, I find excitement in activities that connect me with nature and the serenity it offers. Exploring wildlife and engaging in scuba diving provides a deep sense of peace and tranquillity. Meditation is an integral part of my life, reflecting my spiritual values and their significance.

  • What helps you de-stress when not working?

I don’t tend to stress much in life. I approach everything with passion and dedication, giving my best effort. Once I’ve given my all, I let go and trust that things will unfold as they should. This mind-set helps me stay calm and focused, leaving little need for destressing activities. But when I’m not working, I like to go hiking, go to the beach, watch food shows, go out for a nice meal & hang out with friends.

  • What are your health goals?

My top priority is my health. I maintain a balanced lifestyle by dining out while prioritizing nutritious home-cooked meals. Regular exercise, walking, meditation, and caring for my mental health are integral to my routine. I focus on staying mentally grounded and joyful, surrounding myself with positive influences. My health goals encompass a holistic approach encompassing physical fitness, mental well-being, and nutritious choices.

  • Which is your favourite cuisine and favourite travel destination?

I have two favourite cuisines: Japanese and Italian. Choosing between them is tough since I love both. As for travel, my preferences have shifted towards nature and wildlife. I’m drawn to destinations that offer those experiences and excited to explore more of the world’s natural wonders.

  • Are you a movie enthusiast? Could you share the title of one of your favourite films?

I wouldn’t call myself a movie enthusiast; I only watch my Baba and Rana’s movies otherwise, but I do have a few favourites. Two films that have fascinated me are Interstellar and Inception. I’m drawn to movies that provoke more profound thought and explore concepts beyond our current understanding, as they make me ponder about life and the unknown.


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