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Emerging Faces of Streaming Success

Emerging Faces of Streaming Success

Angad Bedi, the rising OTT sensation

Angad Bedi, the rising OTT sensation known for his roles in ‘Ghoomer,’ ‘Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl,’ ‘Pink,’ and ‘Tiger Zinda Hai,’ is not just conquering screens but also the athletics arena. Recently securing a gold medal in the 400m race at the Open International Masters 2023 Athletics Championship, Bedi shares that his love for sprinting is a tribute to his father’s sports legacy. In an exclusive interview with Surabhi Goel, he discusses his upcoming movie ‘Hi Nanna’ and offers insights into his diverse future streaming networks.

How has your journey across films, OTT platforms, and reality shows shaped your approach to your craft in Bollywood?

I believe each project has been a valuable learning experience, shaping me into the actor I am today. I see a direct connection between the personal energy I radiate and the roles I attract. Starting with ‘Pink,’ which brought recognition and a national award, to ventures like ‘Inside Edge’ and films such as ‘Gunjan Saxena,’ ‘Tiger Zinda Hai,’ and ‘Dear Zindagi,’ each found its audience. Working with esteemed filmmakers like Balki, Gauri Shinde, Ali Abbas Zafar, Shoojit Sircar, and Shad Ali has been a stroke of luck. I’m grateful for their investment in me, influencing my present and future. I surrender myself to well-written scripts, collaborative teams, and dedicated filmmakers. I’ve learned to navigate the highs and lows, understanding that box office outcomes aren’t in my control. My focus is on being honest in my craft and delivering lines sincerely. I detach myself after a film is complete, ready to breathe life into a new character and embark on the next project.

Congratulations on your film ‘Hi Nanna,’ can you share some insights into your character and what drew you to this particular project?

‘Hi Nanna’ is an urban romance drama, marking my debut in Telugu cinema. The story, carefully woven in a short runtime, drew me in. Shouryuv, the filmmaker’s persistence, and belief in me were crucial. He wanted me on board for six months, emphasizing that the film wouldn’t be the same without me. As a new filmmaker, his unwavering faith resonated with me. Despite the pressure, I embraced the challenge, combining the essence of characters from my previous works. The tagline- We love to hate you, from ‘Pink’ and the dualities in my roles intrigued him. It was both flattering and pressurizing to be the chosen one. Now, with the performance delivered, the audience holds the key to my fate in Telugu cinema. 404974718 3267699473528739 1051814735861153557 n 1080 -

How do you balance your passion for sports with your acting career, and have these two worlds ever intersected unexpectedly?

They’ve intersected in cinema, particularly in projects like ‘Inside Edge’ and ‘Ghoomer.’ While ‘Ghoomer’ didn’t involve playing cricket, it showcased a strong sporting background. Sports evokes powerful emotions, and cinematically, it’s beautifully captured. Growing up in a sports-oriented environment has provided valuable insights into emotions like victory, defeat, sacrifice, pain, discipline, and dedication. These experiences enrich my performances in front of the camera, making me a better actor. 387662072 648642670710141 5511464028057221527 n 1080 1 -

Could you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming projects or any roles about which you are particularly excited? What drew you to these roles?

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It’s about giving your best, regardless of image or role length. Complete submission to the character is crucial; you live the character’s life day in and day out. People connect with the character, not the person on social media. I avoid overlap; characters and personal life are distinct. Even if married, I’d play a role like in ‘Pink’ because it’s about the story. I’d rather be asked why I’m not there enough than why I’m there too much. My father advised, ‘Keep your head down, let your work speak.’ I believe in organic growth, when it hits home, your dedication is evident. No need to shout from the rooftops, let your work speak for itself.

Can you share a particularly memorable or challenging moment you experienced while working on any OTT project?

Certainly, while working on the OTT project ‘Mum bhai,’ playing a real-life encounter specialist, I faced a significant challenge. I suffered a severe knee injury during intense action sequences, leading to an 8-month to a year-long halt in shooting. The pause coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, further complicating the situation. Resuming after recovery was mentally and emotionally taxing. Rebuilding confidence in performing action sequences was particularly challenging.

OTT has allowed actors a diverse range of roles. How has this diversity influenced your selection of characters and projects?

While I appreciate the diversity that OTT offers, I’m primarily an actor for the cinematic experience. I believe in the impact of films in theatres, and the event-like atmosphere they create. I love big films and aspire to be seen more on the big screen. While OTT is a boon for the industry, my first preference will always be the theatre experience.


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