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Green Grain Bowl -Goa- Health in a Bowl!

Green Grain Bowl -Goa- Health in a Bowl!

Green Grain Bowl

Green Grain Bowl

Arushi Dusaj covers one of Goa’s newest cloud kitchens, delivering salad bowls with a choice of Veg, Non-Veg and Vegan. 

Avanti Hiremath 1 -
Avanti Hiremath

Started by Avanti Hiremath, a 40 year old PGDM graduate from Panjim, Goa, Green Grain Bowl has a lot to offer in terms of health and nutrition.  “ Our meals are not very different from 20-30 years ago. But, what has significantly changed is our lifestyle. Green Grain Bowl was born out of our desire to make it delightfully easy to eat well. I got tired of waiting for someone to build a kitchen that was focused on nutrition, wholesome meals, health and wellbeing,” says Avanti.

Rice Noodle Bowl Prawns -

The bowls are a combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates. According to Avanti, these are macro-balanced complete meals that have been designed from the ground up.

Mango Quinoa Bowl Veg -

A highlight from what we tried was the Mango Quinoa Bowl, which has a variation of both veg and non-veg including Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) and chicken, and comes with a mix of greens, light vegetables and Quinoa and sweet Alphonso Mango chunks topped with soft feta and crunchy granola.

Strawberry Granola Bowl Veg -

The Strawberry Granola Bowl with a chunk of fresh Strawberries and granola, the Soba Noodle Bowl with a choice of Tofu/Paneer or Chicken ,and the Rice Noodle Bowl with a choice of Tofu/Paneer or Prawns were accompanied by pineapple chunks to give it a sweet and sour tinge.

Order at –

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Tel- 7770004258

Timings – 11.ooam – Lunch orders (for pre-orders) 
                      3.oopm – Dinner orders  

 Cost – Rs. 270 (Veg)
Rs. 310 (Non-Veg)


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