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I believe in manifestation, hard work, and honesty”- Raveena Tandon on her OTT Debut Karmma Calling

I believe in manifestation, hard work, and honesty”- Raveena Tandon on her OTT Debut Karmma Calling

Raveena tandon

Raveena Tandon plays a vital role in ‘Karmma Calling’ as Indrani Kothari. It is based on the popular 2011 American series, ‘Revenge.’ Set in a world of glitz and glamour spiced with deceit and betrayal, Raveena will be seen as the glamorous queen of the 90s married to a billionaire. Lipika Varma, in conversation with the actress about the show, her career, and her kids joining the industry.

What is karma to you? Do you believe in taking revenge?

I’m a firm believer in Karma. I believe in the mantra, ‘Jaisi karni waisi bharni.’ I just believe in Dharm aur Karm. I just feel those who do good or bad will face the consequences according to their karma.I am the kind of person who will forgive but can’t forget. When we are young, we always feel we have not done anything wrong to anyone; why are we facing bad? Somewhere, we then think, let’s continue doing good and not deviate from it.

What is your take on turning a badass at this juncture of your professional life?

I like playing different roles and have always wanted to play this kind of character for a long time. When ‘Karmma Calling’ came to me, it was the right cherry-pick. This role is quite different from the KGF 2 role. This is a layered and complex character that you will see me playing. However, after watching the series, you will really not understand whether she is a bad or a good manipulator or is being manipulated. Sometimes you feel good about her, and sometimes bad about her.

Did you feel director Ruchi brought in some artistic changes in you?

I have always considered myself to be the director’s artist. I allow the director to mould how they expect me to be in their character. We just come and perform our parts, but they have seen the entire film according to their vision. They have seen the level of performance differently. I have grown up in this industry and learned through my dad that we need to go by the director’s vision, so I follow them. It has been a great learning experience for me most of the time. Ruchi, as director, is bang on.

How do you look at the changes to stardom in today’s social media era? Are you open to these changes?

I don’t know about stardom because I didn’t take it seriously then, nor do I take it seriously in today’s social media era. I was born and raised in this industry and see it as a big family. Ultimately, your hard work, talent, and sincerity make you what you are. If talent or hard work refers to stardom, then I think people deserve that stardom. But in today’s day and age with social media, the instant likes or dislikes, to a certain extent, with luck and your honest work, nobody can take it away from you.

Unlike many actors, you haven’t changed your name by adding or subtracting letters. Do you not believe in numerology?

I believe there is a certain science in numerology and astrology which I completely respect. However, I also believe in manifestation, hard work, and honesty.

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How do you look at the changes in this generation?

I think we can speak about every generation when it comes to looking at the differences between millennia and this generation; change is inevitable. It’s all about how you stick to your morals and values and also keep them in place and try to imbibe them for future generations is what matters.

What’s your take on the four generations in your family?

I have given the same value to my kids that my parents gave me. I try to instil those same values in my children. I hope I am successful in giving it to them. Sometimes, when I say something to Rasha, I hear my mom saying those words in my ears…this goes on from one generation to the other. I have two elder daughters, Pooja and Chhaya, and now when I hear them imparting the same values to their children, I feel Yeh toh main tum logon ko bolti thi. So, values are just passed on from one generation to another.

Rasha [daughter] will soon be venturing into the field of glitz and glamour. Have you given her any advice?

As a parent, you can guide your children about right or wrong, but they should be able to realize when they make a mistake. I don’t interfere much after explaining the ifs and buts. However, we are there to guide them, and they have to live with their decisions. I will never overprotect my children. If I do, they will not realize their inner strength and ability to pick themselves up after they fall. I will let them make mistakes so they can stand on their own feet. I feel life is the most prominent teacher.


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