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Kapil Sharma Gets His Gags to Netflix

Kapil Sharma Gets His Gags to Netflix

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After leaving Indian audiences convulsed in spine-shattering laughter, comedian Kapil Sharma is going global with a new project on Netflix. In an announcement, Kapil teased the “auspicious” news without divulging any nitty-gritty on what the show could potentially offer. 

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Talking about sharing positivity and bringing good vibes back into the world after dreary 2020, Kapil said he always wanted to be a part of the increasingly popular platform that Netflix has become. Promising to share more details with his fans soon, Kapil said it was a project close to his heart. With the potential to reach audiences in 190 countries, Kapil definitely seems to be breaching international barriers and aiming to build a solid, diverse fanbase across the globe.


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