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Sarah Jane’s Path to Fitness

Sarah Jane’s Path to Fitness

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Sarah Jane Dias is a multi-talented artist and a dedicated fitness enthusiast. She has excelled in various forms of entertainment, from her early success in beauty pageants to becoming a highly respected VJ, a melodious singer, and a skilled actress in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu films. Her recent standout performance in ‘Made in Heaven Season 2’ and her captivating podcast, ‘The Sarah Jane Show,’ have cemented her reputation as a versatile and celebrated figure in the entertainment world. While she has amassed an impressive body of work in films and earned numerous accolades, it was her roles in ‘Made in Heaven’ and ‘Tandav’ that catapulted her into the limelight, promising a bright future filled with further accomplishments in the captivating realm of entertainment and her unwavering commitment to a fitness-oriented lifestyle.

  1. Many of your fans admire your beach body. What are your top fitness tips for staying motivated and consistent with workouts?

I believe that every individual has the potential to achieve their fitness goals and attain their ‘beach body.’ It’s essential to prioritize both physical and mental well-being and draw motivation from a positive place. Consistency plays a pivotal role; often, people delay their fitness plans, saying they’ll start ‘next Monday,’ only to repeat the cycle. To stay on track, I recommend setting clear goals and committing to them. Whether it’s joining a gym or planning to take only a few days off in a year, cultivating a habit of consistent, healthy practices is key to achieving long-lasting results.

  1. Could you describe your typical fitness routine? What types of exercises or workouts do you enjoy the most?

My approach to fitness doesn’t adhere to a set routine. I believe that physical well-being encompasses more than just exercises; it’s about understanding your body’s needs. My fitness regimen encompasses a holistic approach, including meditation, and yoga, focusing on flexibility and mobility, and maintaining a balanced diet. I make sure to eat what I enjoy in moderation and supplement wisely, choosing supplements tailored to my body’s requirements. It’s important to keep in mind that fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. I rotate activities, dedicating some days to yoga and others to the gym. On days when I’m not feeling my best, I might scale down my workout to 20 minutes instead of an hour, but I never skip it because consistency is key.

  1. Nutrition plays a crucial role in fitness. Can you share some insights into your daily diet and any specific dietary preferences or tips you follow?

I begin my day with a warm glass of water, and I highly recommend staying adequately hydrated throughout the day. It’s important not to overindulge in coffee or tea, and getting quality sleep is crucial for overall well-being. When it comes to my daily diet, I prioritize a balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. I’ve found that for my body type, white rice works well, but it’s essential to understand that what suits one person may not suit another. Each body is unique, so I believe in tailoring your diet to your specific needs. In general

  • Stay hydrated,
  • Get sufficient sleep and maintain a balanced intake of nutrients.
  • I also prefer eating whole fruits rather than drinking fruit juices, and I incorporate fresh vegetables and seasonal foods into my diet to ensure a nutritious and sustainable approach to calorie management.
  1. What advice do you have for individuals who aspire to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle, especially those new to fitness?

My advice for individuals embarking on a journey toward a healthier and fitter lifestyle, especially newcomers to fitness, is to keep it simple and gradual.

  • Begin by incorporating small changes, such as starting your day with warm water with lemon and honey if it suits your body, which can be helpful for weight management.
  • Remember that your fitness journey starts in your mind, so it’s essential to align your mindset with your goals.
  • Avoid the common mistake of introducing physical activity in the morning and then indulging in high-calorie treats like gulab jamun. Instead, start with movements you genuinely enjoy, whether it’s walking, yoga, or hitting the gym—movement is key.
  • Approach your diet with wisdom, such as refraining from consuming carbs after 6 p.m. or finishing dinner by 8 p.m. These small adjustments can make a significant difference.
  • In essence, take it one step at a time, focusing on fixing your mindset, hydration, physical activity, and dietary choices, and gradually incorporate one new positive change each week.
  1.  Maintaining a balanced diet can be a struggle for many. Could you share some of your favourite healthy recipes or snacks that help you stay on track with your fitness goals?

Balancing my diet is essential, and I have some favourite snacks and recipes that align with my fitness goals. I enjoy energy balls made from dates, nuts, and seeds, as well as homemade chikki prepared with jaggery in moderation. I opt for granola with Greek yogurt for breakfast or a snack, focusing on lower-sugar options. Peanut butter is a favourite of mine, and I include it sensibly despite its cholesterol content, as it suits my body. Additionally, I find smoothies to be a convenient and nutritious choice.

  1. Lastly, what projects or goals are you currently working on in both your acting career and fitness journey that you’d like to share with your fans and followers?

I’m delighted to share my current projects and goals with my fans and followers. Following ‘Made in Heaven 3,’ I’m actively engaged in two distinct projects—one in fiction and the other in documentary.  Additionally, I’m excited to announce that two new web series are in the works, set for release later this year.

On the creative front, I’m gearing up for Season 2 of ‘The Sarah Jane Show,’ my podcast channel, where I engage in intriguing conversations. As a musician, I recently released a track titled ‘In Your Eyes’ on YouTube, under the banner of the European label Micu Mice, extending my creative pursuits worldwide. While juggling these projects, I maintain my dedication to my fitness and nutrition goals, strategically planning my days, even during demanding shoots, to stay on track.

Quick takes-

  1. Who are your favourite male and female actors with what you consider the perfect physique, and what do you admire most about their dedication to fitness?

In male actors, Vicky Kaushal stands out for me due to his remarkable transformation from a lean physique to a bulkier one. His discipline and the sheer hard work he invested in achieving this are truly admirable. Moreover, his high energy and active lifestyle are quite inspiring.

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On the female front, I have immense respect for Malaika Arora. Having known her personally, I can attest to her genuine commitment to yoga. She embodies a sleek, calm, and healthy demeanour, coupled with a vibrant personality. As a woman, I deeply admire her journey and the resilience she has displayed throughout her life.

  1. We all experience stress from time to time. Can you share some of your go-to methods or activities for destressing and maintaining mental well-being?

I have several go-to methods for destressing and maintaining mental well-being. One of my favourite ways to relax is through painting; I particularly enjoy weekend art classes where I paint, making each weekend a fun and creative experience. Additionally, I find solace in other artistic pursuits such as cooking, writing, including poetry, and indulging in art and craft projects. Even activities like gift wrapping and dancing hold a special place in my relaxation repertoire.

  1. Who is your favourite fitness idol and why?

I’d say Chris Hemsworth is my top choice. What sets him apart is his relentless commitment to pushing his limits. His fitness routines often involve super high-intensity workouts, emphasizing full-body engagement. Such workouts not only enhance overall strength but also contribute significantly to calorie burning and fitness gains.

  1. Do you love traveling and which is your favourite destination?

I have a passion for exploring new places, and one destination that holds a special place in my heart is Japan.


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