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The Youth Sensation, Tara Sutaria!

The Youth Sensation, Tara Sutaria!

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Tara Sutaria makes a spellbinding return to the silver screen in her latest release Tadap. Tapasvi Vibhute catches up with one of the most recognisable faces of the industry to have a candid chat about her latest release, her experience in the industry, and more!

An actor who has successfully carved a niche for herself right from the day when she stepped into the industry, Tara Sutaria is gearing up to be a force to be reckoned with. Since her debut with Student of the Year 2, she has been on a spree of signing projects one after the other and is today a prominent and recognizable face of the industry. The actress, who started her career with Oye Jassie and The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir, is the primary choice for several filmmakers casting their leading lady on-screen. 

We roped in the petite starlet for an exclusive conversation wherein she spilled the beans about her recently released film Tadap, working with a newcomer like Ahan Shetty, her journey of 3 years, and more!

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Tara’s motto: “Do that which makes me happy.”

With Ahan Shetty being a debutant in Tadap, did you get a chance to showcase your seniority?

(Laughs) No, nothing like this happened. No one is a senior; we are of the same age. I have hardly been a part of a couple of films in these last 3 years, so I don’t think I am eligible to advise someone at this stage.

Your career had just taken off when the pandemic hit. What was your reaction? How did you spend your lockdown?

I was anxious and nervous, but that’s part and parcel of the same. In order to make my lockdown a bit more productive, my sister and I took some important dance lessons. We also cooked together and did everything that helped us keep ourselves sane.

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We have grown up watching Suniel Shetty and you have now worked with his son Ahan Shetty. Are there any similarities you can list between the father-son duo?

There are many similarities but also there are also many differences that make Ahan unique. Mainly, his vulnerability and his sensitivity, which is seen on the screen as well. 

How was your first meeting with Ahan? And what was your first talk about?

We met at Sajid Nadiadwala’s office before I signed the film, and Ahan was already on the board. We were asked to read a scene from the movie The Dirty Picture.

“Having a great support system is very important and a blessing in disguise.”

You are known to be a very good singer. Why didn’t you take this forward?

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I’m singing in my next film Ek Villain Returns. I can’t wait for those songs to go on-air and the kind of reaction it will get from the audience. 

Given your background, we know you are a great dancer. How much would you rate co-star Ahan on his dancing skills?

I don’t think so I can rate him, as we haven’t danced a lot in the film. We were shooting in Rishikesh for a song, but it was more like lifting and very simple and fun steps. He did a couple of difficult lifts in the song which required a lot of practice. According to me, he is a very good dancer. 

Everyone emphasizes more on physical fitness. What do you do for your mental well-being and fitness?

It is the most important aspect, and we should support ourselves personally to maintain our mental well-being. Having a great support system is very important and a blessing in disguise. The ones whom we can easily rely on – for example, our parents, friends, and close ones –who are warm, genuine and, supportive and stand by our side like a rock when we need them in crises are important.

What do you think about social media?

I think being real and being myself is much more important. ‘Do that which makes me happy,’ and that’s the reason why I am not active on social media. Although it’s a great platform, for someone like me I would prefer things that make me mentally happy and help in my overall growth.


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