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Emraan Hashmi- The Actor Who Dares to Be Different!

Emraan Hashmi- The Actor Who Dares to Be Different!

Emraan Hashmi- The Actor Who Dares to Be Different!

Showtime, produced by Dharmatic Entertainment and directed by Mihir Desai and Archit Kumar, is set to start streaming on Disney+Hotstar on March 8. The show focuses on the entertainment industry’s biggest trade secrets. ShowTime unmasks people of Bollywood and the outward sheen that Bollywood has. Emraan Hashmi’s charismatic presence will allure the audiences once again. The star shares his thoughts on nepotism in the industry and more with Lipika Varma.

On his character in Showtime- I have been donning great characters from my first film, breaking the well-proportioned definition of the anti-hero. When you watch Showtime, you will realize that the journey is gray and relatable; it’s not negative. Some characteristics and traits will be more evident, but I won’t say whether they’re good or bad.

On what is challenging to him- If things become easy, it feels boring, so I take roles that scare me and feel I can’t pull it off. When any character keeps me on my toes, especially something with a certain amount of risk element, that feels like a bonus. It comes from the fact that I should be able to give something new to my audiences through my performances.

On taking up ShowTime after a long gap- If it’s in my hands, I would love to do three/four shows/films. Keeping the market trend, whatever films are written keeping me in mind, and whatever is offered to me, I select from those scripts. I did get offers, but they weren’t anything path-breaking. But when Karan [Johar] brought this script to me, I found it fascinating. As I have been an insider for so many years, and the material is very explosive, I chose to be a part of this. Audiences are attracted to our film industry, and there is a magnetic quality when such discussions happen.

If I feel secure- I am very insecure. If any actor says he is secure, then he is lying. I have worked with many personality-styled actors. Yes, considering a few things, I feel insecure. I’m insecure about one thing –whether audiences’ will like what I am doing or not. We make films for them. These things are uncontrollable and not in our hands.

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Explanation on insider/outsider debate- I did get help for my best film. My entrance into films was easy as I am part of the film family. That’s the environment I grew up in. But as a child, I never wanted to be an actor; it happened accidentally, and mine wasn’t a grand launch. In my first film, ‘Footpath,’ I starred as a supporting actor. It was easier to get my first opportunity than an outsider. The audience’s acceptance is very important whether you are an insider or an outsider.

On Nepotism debate- The nepotism debate has existed for a long time, but after this show, it will seem like we have added kerosene. ‘Showtime’ will ignite discussions on this topic again, and we will be under fire. It’s unfair to say only insiders have done well. There are many examples where outsiders have sustained much more successfully than insiders. It’s a secular and democratic industry where the janta decides your fate. Nepotism will never leave our industry. Everyone from any industry will extend their favouritism to their kith and kin. The problem starts when the producer doesn’t give work to outsiders. However, every producer gives opportunities to everyone.

On not facing struggle as an insider- I didn’t struggle as much as an insider. In the thick of things, we face obstacles in every profession. I haven’t had a remarkable journey. I have been here for 20 years, and we face different struggles. When that struggle begins, you usually feel I will get another offer. Also, when your previous film flops, you need producers to hold your hand and support you.

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Any particular thing has been an eye-opener for you- Everything has been an eye-opener for me. When I was born, my grandmother stopped working in films. Her last film was Naam, starring Sanjay Dutt, where she played Sanjay Dutt’s mother. Our industry has cutthroat competition. When you have learned your work, some people may make you feel you don’t know your job. Learning is a never-ending process; hard work and earning must be continued to brush your craft.

On upping the theatrical game and more- When you enter the industry, you feel you know everything, but with experience, you still have to learn a lot. South films or Bollywood films are ever-changing. As an industry, we’re facing new theatrical hurdles, with films not doing as good as they used to before the pandemic. New faces are entering our industry, and we must up our theatrical business. OTT invention has enabled new directors to come on board with new/fresh scripts. As an actor, you must try all kinds of mediums, unlike many actors who may feel they are worth being theatrical actors only.

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Not playing a villain in his next South film, G2- Goodachari 2 has a two-hero parallel lead. As I played a villain in Tiger 3, people assume I will also be playing a villain’s role in my next film. I was slightly perturbed. However, the makers will clarify my role, though they will not reveal much.


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