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Get Fit with Ayesha

Get Fit with Ayesha

Ayesha Singh -

Ayesha Singh grew up in Agra, dreaming of being in entertainment. However, her parents wanted her to have a secure job, so she studied law first. While working as a lawyer, she still felt drawn to acting. So, she took acting classes to see if it was for her. Turns out it was! A pivotal moment came when she auditioned at 4 a.m. before catching a flight to Agra. Just as she landed, she got a call back about being selected for the role. This decision changed everything. Despite previous disappointments in her career, Ayesha’s persistence paid off, leading her to this exciting opportunity. Her journey from law to acting illustrates the importance of chasing dreams, no matter the obstacles. Now, as she embraces her passion for acting, Ayesha also recognizes the significance of fitness in maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. Her dedication to her craft and health inspires others to pursue their aspirations while prioritizing their well-being. Join Ayesha on an illuminating exploration of her fitness odyssey as she discusses with Surabhi Goel, uncovering valuable insights.

  1. Many of your fans admire your fit body. What are your top fitness tips for staying motivated and consistent with workouts?

I’m not one to obsess over achieving a specific body type. I prioritize feeling healthy and comfortable in my skin. Staying true to myself keeps me motivated and consistent with workouts. It’s about listening to my body and finding joy in staying active rather than chasing trends or unrealistic standards. Peace of mind comes from being content with who you are and embracing your journey at your own pace.

  • Could you describe your typical fitness routine? What types of exercises or workouts do you enjoy the most?

My typical fitness routine focuses on a mix of functional and weight-training exercises. While I’m not a fan of cardio due to my asthma, I understand its importance for inner strength. So, I incorporate a balance of exercises that suit my body and preferences.

  • Nutrition plays a crucial role in fitness. Can you share some insights into your daily diet and any specific dietary preferences or tips you follow?

Nutrition is indeed vital for fitness, but it’s crucial to approach it wisely. Many try fad diets without expert guidance, which can be risky. I believe in seeking professional advice tailored to my body’s needs. Starting my day with black coffee, water, and a nutritious mix of sprouts, almonds, walnuts, and munakka sets a healthy tone. My mom ensures I never skip this wholesome breakfast. I’m strict about avoiding sugar, though it’s tempting, especially during festivals and celebrations. Moderation is essential, and while I indulge occasionally, I prioritize a sugar-free daily routine. It’s all about finding balance and nourishing your body with the right foods.

  • What advice do you have for individuals aspiring to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle, especially those new to fitness?

My advice for those new to fitness is simple: research, patience, and persistence. Don’t rush into it mindlessly; take your time to understand what works for you. Patience is vital; rushing can lead to mental or physical strain. Ensure you’re well-nourished and balanced in your approach. Persistence pays off; gradual progress is better than quick fixes. Embrace your body and its journey, knowing that transformation takes time. Remember these basic principles: research, patience, and persistence.

  • Maintaining a balanced diet can be a struggle for many. Could you share some of your favourite healthy recipes or snacks that help you stay on track with your fitness goals?

One of my favourite healthy breakfasts is oatmeal. You can customize it with toppings like bananas or nuts, using almond milk as a lighter option. Another go-to is homemade almond butter spread on toast for a tasty and nutritious snack. Salads are versatile and can be made with various ingredients, keeping meals fresh and exciting. Additionally, soups are great for keeping dinner light and satisfying. These simple recipes help me stay on track with my fitness goals while enjoying delicious meals.

  • Lastly, what projects or goals are you working on in your acting career and fitness journey that you’d like to share with your fans and followers?

In my fitness journey, I’m honing in on my core strength to enhance my breathing capacity and overall core strength. As for my acting career, I eagerly await projects that pique my interest and offer strong character roles. While nothing ground breaking has come my way yet, I’m actively seeking out compelling stories and engaging in meetings to ensure my next project excites me and my fans.

Quick Takes-

  • Who are your favourite male and female actors with what you consider the perfect physique, and what do you admire most about their dedication to fitness?

I’m inspired by legends like Nutan Ji and contemporary talents like Priyanka Chopra for their confidence and intellect. Cillian Murphy’s charisma also captivates me. Regarding physique, confidence, and competence, not a specific appearance, matters most to me.

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  • What’s your favourite hobby for relaxation?

I find relaxation in reading, although lately, I’ve enjoyed watching movies and web series after my show. Sometimes, I simply revel in doing nothing—surprisingly relaxing amidst life’s hustle.

  • We all experience stress from time to time. Can you share some of your go-to methods or activities for destressing and maintaining mental well-being?

Maintaining mental health is crucial, and self-awareness plays a key role. Spending quality time with friends and family helps keep me grounded and balanced. I prioritize positive interactions on social media and ignore negative comments. Responding to constructive feedback from fans keeps me in a healthy mind set. Ultimately, self-care and focusing on positive influences are essential for mental well-being.

  • Who is your favourite fitness idol, and why?

I don’t have one specific fitness idol, but I admire Lisa Haydon for her active lifestyle, especially her involvement in sports. Additionally, I’m inspired by the Fit Females Club, an army officer who shares home workout routines. I draw inspiration from individuals who showcase different aspects of fitness and wellness.

  • Do you love traveling, and which is your favourite destination?

Yes, I love traveling, especially after a long stint on the show. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to explore various destinations with my family. I particularly enjoyed my trips to London and Birmingham and my recent visit to Uttarakhand, where I explored Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mussoorie, Dehradun, and even Delhi. Each place offered unique experiences, from sightseeing to food exploration, and I cherish every moment.


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