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Social media has bridged gaps between people, and brought the world right at our fingertips. Businesses on Instagram are the new bling, making buying easy and leaving no stone unturned in supporting entrepreneurs. Avanthika Reddy discovers some interesting businesses on Instagram that you could buy from.

1. Knits and Knots 

INSTAGRAM: @knits.and_knots 

Knit and Knots is a small business located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan with shipping pan-India and overseas. With a wide collection of purses and handbags, Knits and Knots has got a bad for every occasion, right from some trendy bags for grocery shopping to the chic picks for your workplace. 

PRICE RANGE: Rs 300/- to Rs 1300/- 

PRODUCTS: Exclusive purses, clutches, bags, slings and wallets. 

RECOMMENDATION: Knits and Knots has some exclusive bags with the most reasonable pricing. I would recommend this brand to all bag lovers who are looking for stylish and affordable bags for daily use, parties, work or college. 

2. The Crochet House 

INSTAGRAM: @the.crochethouse 

Located in Mumbai, The Crochet House is a handmade store that sells exclusive clothing pieces. With the key intention to promote slow and sustainable fashion, The Crochet House provides a wide range of products for you to choose from. Macrame products are another speciality for the brand. This is a very unique business run by women who make all kinds of handmade crochet and macrame products that perfectly match your style and aesthetic. 

PRICE RANGE: Rs 20/- to Rs 1250/- 

PRODUCTS: Handbags, clothing, accessories, masks 

RECOMMENDATION: The collection at The Crochet House is not only light on the pocket but is elegant and aesthetic. Being handmade just makes the brand even more special. If you are looking for some cute tops and masks, The Crochet House is the place for you. 

3. Lil Witchy Shop 

INSTAGRAM: @that.lilwitchyshop

For every crystal lover out there looking for some fabulous and mesmerising crystals, then this is your shop spot. A small business based out of Delhi, Lil Witchy Shop sells authentic crystals that are totally worth the price. For all those who believe in magic, this store is perfect for all your crystal needs. From crystal jewellery to customised boxes, this store has it all. 

PRICE RANGE: Rs 150/- to Rs 2,700/- 

PRODUCTS: Jewellery, crystal boxes, crystal towers 

RECOMMENDATION: This store is not just unique but is also eco-friendly with their packaging. The crystal journey is always personal and Lil Witchy Shop ensures your crystal experience is fabulous. The colours, designs and pricing are definitely a charming point for this store. 

4. Madulam 

INSTAGRAM: @the_madulam_store 

The sticker craze can never end. Madulam is a trending sticker store on Instagram with a huge variety of creative stickers. From a wide variety of themes to choose from Madulam offers a splending collection of stickers curated just for you. Personalisation is something that makes this brand a customer’s favourite. 

PRICE RANGE: Rs 50/- to Rs 2,500/- 

PRODUCTS: Bookmarks, logos, earrings, stickers, magnets, pin badges, custom artwork. 

RECOMMENDATION: Imagine having a series of stickers, art or bookmarks of your favorite TV show. Well Mandulam can give you just that. I would recommend this brand to all the customisation fanatics out there who would want an amazing range of art created on the themes they love. 

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5. The Sparkle Story 


Cute and charming stationery is always a favourite choice of many. The Sparkle Story is a trending business on Instagram with some uniquely curated products and pocket-friendly prices. Sparkly mugs, adorable pens and many such eye candy products are some of the top hits at The Sparkle Story. 

PRICE RANGE: Rs 90/- onwards 

PRODUCTS: Stationery, home decor, party supplies and lifestyle goods. 

RECOMMENDATION: The Sparkle Store has some of the most unique pieces in the stationery biz. If you’re looking for cutesy objects to pepper your work station, then this is the store for you.

6. Popccessories 

INSTAGRAM: @popccessories

Trending jewellery and accessories are a necessity in every fashionista’s wardrobe and Popccessories makes sure to satisfy all your trendy accessory needs. The bags and accessory collection at popccessories is one of its kind that makes the brand a trendsetter. Apart from the products, another unique element of the brand is that it is co-owned by three strong women, who are determined to make their brand a classic hit. 

PRICE RANGE: Rs 500/- to Rs 850/- 

PRODUCTS: Bags, jewellery, scrunchies. 

RECOMMENDATION: Cruising through their Instagram page, you’ll find an ocean of the most trending products. Their pricing definitely does justice for the quality of the products they sell. 


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